A real man makes his own luck – Billy Zane, Titanic.

Honest, Abe.

A few days back, I came across a penny in the road. A seemingly mundane event led to much deeper thinking as well as me stooping down to shoot a picture of the coin. Normally I would pocket the copper and hold it between two fingers as I sauntered down the street and onto a local bar. I don’t really know why, but this time I decided to move on. I thought to myself, “You know. Things in life are really good right now. It seems selfish to hoard even more good stuff when other cats don’t have it as good as I do.” With that, I left the penny there hoping that another keen walker-by would notice the shine from the street, pick up the $0.01 and have some luck with it if needed.

If you’ve got a good thing going, great. Know, though, not everyone is as well off. Pass the good stuff along when you can. Doesn’t take much other than merely leaving a penny on the ground. Perhaps we start planting them….?


2 responses to “A real man makes his own luck – Billy Zane, Titanic.

  1. Well said. That kind of thinking not only commands respect but also helps us all understand why we’ve all made it so far in the first place, working together and watching out for one another brings in significantly better results than going it alone.

  2. Well, here in India is is considered good luck if u find money (coins or notes) on the street (especially in temples). That coin (or note) , is kept safely s a good luck charm.


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