J. Crew: A little love lost along with a few buttons.

As publishers and fans of the various fashions in which we choose to don ourselves daily, I feel we are quick to send praise and give credit where credit is due. While I firmly believe in letting a company know that they done good, yall. I would feel remiss in not notifying them when I am less than pleased with their product. As much as it does pain me as I have been an avid / rabid supporter of the brand for a long while now, but I need to call out J. Crew on some recent purchases and instances not isolated to just me.

A week or so back, my boss emailed me asking if I had ever had issues with Crew and their buttons and zippers. Oddly enough, or maybe not so odd now, I have had problems with either zippers sticking or buttons coming unthreaded WAY too easily. Here is what my higher up had to say:

You ever have issues with quality of J. Crew stuff? I had three shirts and the buttons all blew up…cracked in the wash/dry. They did not have the right buttons to send me. Then the shirts got worn very quickly. Today, the zipper pull of my new jeans just fell off….second wearing of these.

The same things have happened to me, so I could share in his frustration. While J. Crew has proven themselves quite quiet in the social online realm, I still felt the need to show what happened to a few items from my collection.

Left cuff of the J. Crew Utility Jacket: Buttons affixed as they should be.

Right Cuff: One button loose, one button gone.

Chest Pocket: Button wildly loose

Thermal Henley: Button Shattered

I realize, yes, I could reaffix the buttons on the Utility myself, but I should have to. eah, I wear it regularly, but it’s also a utility jacket. And what’s the deal with the button shattering on the thermal? Anyone else been having issues with the fasterners of J. Crew?

Perhaps if we all band together, some action can be taken.


15 responses to “J. Crew: A little love lost along with a few buttons.

  1. I have a cardigan from them which has two broken buttons. One is cracked in half but both pieces are still sewn on and the other has about 25% broken off.

  2. Button on a pair of chinos snapped like a cracker. While I was wearing them. Good thing I always wear a belt.

  3. get what you pay for….go varvatos, twice as much, lasts 10 times as long

  4. Varvatos? That’s a joke, right? Can’t be sure of anything on the Internet.

  5. I got the Ludlow chino sport coat and the top button fell off the first day I wore it. Put it back on myself but that sure was annoying.

  6. I’ve never had any of the problems described but if you feel strongly about it you should contact the corporate offices and try to talk to the man himself, Mickey Drexler. Supposedly he is very accessible and receptive to speaking to the public/ customers or try and get an email address for him and send him a note listing your concerns

  7. Yep…have four polo shirts…all buttons self-destructed. Big Bummer.

  8. Buttons with the thread getting loose is tolerable. Very easy to repair with a little hand sewing; but it pisses me off when buttons get shattered or break in half easily.

  9. I pretty much love everything J-Crew. However, every single pair of J-Crew shorts/khakis/dress pants I own have either had a button shatter or pop off. Every time I buy something from them the buttons are ridiculously loose from the word go. Maybe that’s why they always give you like 3 extra…

  10. I have 2 cardigans where the buttons just shattered…

  11. Like everybody else I have both cardigans and pants with buttons that have shattered, either in the dryer or as a result of my high-impact desk job. If you’re wearing J. Crew, definitely make sure you don’t approach the coffee maker too aggressively or BAM, you’re done for.

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  13. you know i didn’t realize it until now, they’re buttons are definitely shoddy.

    i have a ludlow sportcoat where the button is coming off far too easily, and i have a button-down shirt with a shattered button on the cuff.

    someone call quality control.


  14. I own a ton of J. Crew’s OCBDs and have had good luck with quality. The only problem I remember is when both gauntlet buttons on a shirt blew out on the same day after it was 4-5 years old.

    However, I will say that their quality seems to be going down hill. I purchased a pair of J. Crew driving mocs in 2002 and absolutely loved them. They finally gave out last year and I purchased a new pair to replace them. The leather on the new pair is nowhere near the quality of the old version.

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