100 Days of Ties: Day 48: Waking up to winter storm warnings and not wearing J. Crew

Jacket: Animal Command / Pants: Uniqlo / Sweater, Tie, Bag: Lands' End Canvas / Shirt: H&M / Parking Garage: One way

Today marked one of the first of the “cold” morning of the season. Yeah a few weeks back I donned the Animal Command as the frigid temperature pre 6AM deemed it necessary, but today was the first time I didn’t work up a sweat in it on the walk to the bus. Today also marked the first time I took a gander in my closet and was sort of turned off by anything J. Crew. I used to be the biggest fanboy/posterchild for them. Weird how when you open yourself up to new brands, you find better fits, more options, and all at somewhat better prices…depending. For instance, today’s tie comes courtesy of the Lands’ End Canvas. I dig the scorpions in a huge way:

So with that said, it seems yesterday’s Crew / button post gathered a few comments. I have sent the post along to the heads at J. Crew. Now we wait. But in the meantime, if you have a story to add about their product that you MAY like to see rectified (fingers crossed), feel free to share. It may take an army, but I think we need to get something done here…


Sabir M. Peele / http://www.twitter.com/MensStylePro215 / http://www.examiner.com/mens-style-in-philadelphia/sabir-peele - Today, I will call this look Johnny Christmas. Picked up this Polo shirt on Ebay a few years back because I couldnt find one in stores with this pattern. The knit tie is Club Room. I went on a knit binge 2 years ago and picked up every color that I could find. Wearing donegal tweed waist coat and pants to stay fall appropriate.

Katie Wintrode / http://www.fifthandbrannan.com / tie: Penguin, everything else: J. Crew

Joseph Dobos - Brooks Bros shirt and tie (thanks to the recent 15% off sale!)

Drake Land / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - Tomorrow is Armistice Day, Today is the Marine Corps Birthday. Please call all the veterans in your life tomorrow to thank them for their service, but call the Marines now. I bought this shirt, Claiborne, from J.C. Penney in 2004 for my first Fraternity Gala. You can hardly smell the vomit on it anymore. The tie lost its label a long while back, but if I remember correctly it is Lands End. Green Gold and Burnt Orange.

Brent / Charles Tyrwhitt shirt and Robert Talbott tie. Same makes as yesterday but different models. I'm in danger of falling into a rut.

Ryan Sumner / DenimDiary.net - bens herman sweater, j. crew woven, vintage tie

Shawn Colley / http://www.noblecountygold.com - Woven: JCrew Tie: Lands End Canvas Jacket: DKNY - Like what you are doing.

David / thenaturalaristocrat.blogspot.com / all vintage Dior everything today, all made in the USA BTW, your jacket is badass. And yeah, it's difficult for me to not wear J. Crew as well, they've made most of my pants.

Sweet. Another submission from the gals. I like it when we mix things up round these parts. I am seeing a lot of the same cats, which is rad, but it’s always welcomed and a nice surprise to see some new faces on the site. Tell your friends, too. I mean, how hard is it to don a tie and snap a shot? Trick question: It’s not…. Or is that a hypothetical?

Anyway, submit today!

Join the 100 Days of ties and submit your pictures.


3 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 48: Waking up to winter storm warnings and not wearing J. Crew

  1. I’ll be the first to say it today, Katie is ruining that outfit for every other girl.

    She’s setting a pretty high bar for tomorrow’s girl

  2. Great new theme, Will. Gives the site a whole different feel; very warm and inviting.

    ps – Katie stole my tie, but she looks better in it than I do anyway.

  3. I scored the same tie form LEC, on sale for $19. I have a similar one from J.Crew in black from two years ago. Makes you wonder if the same Italian mill produces the fabrics for both companies.

    You’ll get a decent response from ‘Crew; they have taken very good care of me CS wise. Contact me if you need more info Will. Keep up the blog, I check it daily.

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