Contributor Spotlight: Gitman Brothers for Bonobos

A few days back, I get a little inbox blowup from the fine feathered folk at Bonobos. Now, I am not going to stroke the, well, feathers of Bonobos just because they sent me one of the ties from their upcoming collection and collab with Gitman Brothers. I call them such positive names because the company as a whole had exuded such outstanding customer service and dedicastion to the quality of their product, that I have returned time and time again to their site.

So when their esteemed Mr. Don Richman shot me a message asking if I’d like to see and try out one of the new ties from said collab, I was more than willing to oblige… I mean, if I must. I wore the Gitman / Bonobos mashup a few days back, paired with a Wharf shirt, and must say that the quality, texture, and weight of the thing is ideal. It’s not too heavy, it’s not too seasonal, it’s just… a good tie. The entire collection, all of which are worht a gander and maybe a purchase, will be available soon on the neckwear section of their site. Personally, I am quite happy with the colorway with which I went. Killer. Now if only Bonobos would reissue the Star Spanglers so come next summer people will know JUST how much I love America. No, seriously. I love America. That in NO WAY was meant to sound sarcastic.

It's all in the details...

Cheers, and thanks to Don for the reachout, Chris for the handwritten note (pictured), and Bonobos as a whole.

One response to “Contributor Spotlight: Gitman Brothers for Bonobos

  1. I might literally scream like a little girl if Bonobos sent me ANYTHING for free and asked my opinion of it. Let alone a Gitman Bros tie… Feel blessed good sir.

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