Contributor Spotlight: Born in the USA – Ties from The Hill Side

A few weeks back, I had my first experience with the waxed canvas tie from The Hill Side when I copped one from Rob and Co. at Wharf. Since, it has made its way around my neck on a number of different occasions from regular work garb, to a close friend’s wedding, and out and about in a casual setting. The weight, color, and feel of the waxed canvas was ideal. I was worried first off about the bulkiness of the knot after cinching up a half-windsor, but I gotta admit that after the tie, it was no larger than that of a silk knot. And opn that note, I have to say the classic silk tie might be among my least favorite to tie. Without fail, something gets tangled when I do.

The Hill Side - Selvedge Chambray

The Hill Side, known for its dedication to quality neckwear is only made better when you consider all product is made right here in the good old United States of America. I am happy to wear a few offerings they sent my way, which I have done so already. The indigo raw denim selvedge I wore a few days back is quite special, as I failed to read the warning printed on the packaging (see below). But that’s another thing, each tie comes with a different description, obviously, but it’s not written like a company threw it on there. It’s like your friend is writing you a note. Which, in this day and age aside from an @ reply or DM or “like” to your status update, is not just nice but welcomed. So, thanks, and keep up the good work, Hill Side cast and crew.


From the Hill Side, with Love


The Warning.




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