100 Days of Ties: Day 58: A Canadian Tuxedo in time for Thanksgiving (?)

Tie: The Hill Side Raw Denim in Indigo / Shirt: J. Crew Chambray / Denim: Levi's / Jacket: Gant Rugger (obviously) / Coffee: Circle K Supercharged / Hair: Windblown

So it was a decent and almost pleasant walk through the morning air in Denver today en route to the bus. I thought, “Well, seeing as how last night I expected snow on the ground, today is going to be great.” Then, BAM! I get to boulder and the wind is whipping harder than Indiana Jones. It was one of those lean-forward-like-you’re-in-a-cartoon winds, too. Not fun. I then realized that, damn, if it weren’t for the scarf and jacket, I’d be a regular Denim Dan. I must’ve been tired this morning. But what’s done is done, and I’m now owning the J. Crew / Hill Side / LL Bean / Levi’s / Highland Home Industries get up. It’s all I can do. Just gotta go out there and give’r.

If you get that reference, we’re friends. Good friends.

UPDATE: I was just informed by my coworker that the outfit is more of a Canadian Casual Friday than a Canadian Tuxedo.

Joseph - Shirt and tie from "The Brethern". Sweater: Spirit of Shetland The tie is worn in vain hope that a miracle will happen in Columbus on Saturday. Ain't gonna happen with our (Michigan's) defense.

Drake Land / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - Frednesday (Wednesday, but a Friday at heart, last day of work) LL Bean Trim Fit Wrinkle Reduced Oxford in French Blue. A long name for a lie. That is one of the boxiest shirts I own. I can’t imagine how large the standard oxford must be. Givenchy Striped Tie from L.S. Ayres, back when that store existed. Going to have to stop by the mall today, the day before Thanksgiving. So the knife across the chest is a symbol telling people, “Don’t effing bump against me and spill my Orange Julius.”

* Drake wins with the Orange Julius / Knife 1-2. Keep it real.

thisfits.tumblr.com - Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Harris Tweed Blazer: eBay Chambray Shirt: Target Cardigan: Lands' End Canvas' Tie - eBay

Paul of Graham Withers / grahamwithersclothing.com - Tie: Graham Withers Shirt and Sweater: Uniqlo

Sam Jacobs (?) / eatingeverywhere.com - That’s right, I rock the Hilfiger! Michael Bastian? He steals from my wardrobe circa 1985 – Pro Keds and all! Thom Browne? Mutha fucka steals from Pee Wee fuckin Herman circa 1985. My Hilfiger is fresher than all your LL Sid Billy Kirk Reid shit put together! Find me at Macy’s next to the American Rag section. I’ll be the guy hangin with the Situation. Dig? Shirt & Tie – Tommy Hilfiger / Photo – Totally Ripped Off!

Sabir M. Peele / mensstylepro.com - Tie & Vest by Heritage. My skinny tie phase.

Ryan Sumner / DenimDiary.net - work day before a holiday is like the last day of school before xmas break. penguin woven, vintage tie, hulk hand.

And just like that, the day before a long holiday weekend, y’all are making me smile even more. Knives and photoshop and ties and turkey and family and… damn. Yeah. I assume too some of you will be donning a good tie for the feast tomorrow. I got mine picked out.

That said, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

And as always Join the 100 Days of ties and submit your pictures.

One response to “100 Days of Ties: Day 58: A Canadian Tuxedo in time for Thanksgiving (?)

  1. What do you think of custom folded pocket squares? And reversible double-sided bow ties?

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