100 Days of Ties: Day 59: A holiday recap and remembering Leslie Nielsen

Sweater: J. Crew / Shirt: Lands' End Canvas / Tie: The Hill-Side / Shoes: LL Bean Signature / Self: Sleep-deprived

Man, I really don’t know what happened last night, but I was only able to score maybe 3 hours of sleep in between some of the most messed up dreams I have ever had. It could be from the momentous weekend or the anxiousness of getting back to work today. That, and for whatever reason, this Leslie Nielsen death is hitting me quite hard. I actually choked up telling my father the bad news last evening. The Naked Gun trilogy as well as the old Police Squads were a special thing to my brothers and my father and me. He took us to see NG at such an early age, I had no idea what some of the jokes meant. Now, obviously, I get them, but I gotta hand it to him… He’s a pretty cool dad to have taken his children to see those flicks back then.
So, with the tip of my hat to one of the bygone comedic geniuses of our era, and of those prior, I say, thank you Mr. Nielsen for so many moments that brought not only smiles to this kid’s face and laughs to my soul, but for also providing my family with quotes that will serve as inside jokes for years and years to come.

“Hey! You call this slop? Real slop has got chunks in it! This is more like gruel! And this Château le Blanc ’68 is supposed to be served slightly chilled! This is room temperature! What do you think we are, animals?”

Submissions to the 100 Days

Brent / dimpledfourinhand.wordpress.com - Shirt and tie are both TM Lewin. Pretty plain and straightforward, which is how I hope the rest of my Monday will be.

Chris Miller / http://up--north.blogspot.com/ - Tie: Lochcarron Blazer: Vintage Shirt: Gitman

Anonymous: Sweater: Ebay, Express (I think); Shirt: Lands' End Custom-made, Tie: Lands' End knit tie.

David / thenaturalaristocrat.com / Brooks Brothers Tie / Grant Thomas Shirt / Vintage Woolmark Tweed Jacket / Ashear Pocket Square

Jared. suit, shirt, knit tie and pin all ISAIA. can you guess who he works for? i personally inspected this tie myself and it has the softest hand with the best weave i have seen. Jared says this is the best looking knot that he's been able to make with any knit tie. hands down. (no pun intended)

Thomas. best thing about Thomas is that he sounds just like Matthew McConaughey. Theory suit. everything else Express. the shades of grey looked so good and pulled together so well. he looks like a million bucks. probably didn't even do this on purpose. just woke up like this. next to his bongos.

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - National Thanksgiving Day. Lunch with the grandparents, dinner with the in-laws. Driving all over hell’s half acre though inclement weather and trying to stay comfortable for food and fantasy football. Sweater and jeans by J.Crew Shirt by Polo RL Tie by Lands’ End Charter Collection. New (old) watch on OD strap.

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - Thanksgiving part two. My headless self and the wife.

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - Saturday I picked up this red & blue rugby shirt at Old Navy for $10. I usually never find anything in that store but today was lucky. I didn’t know if I could pull off the rugby over shirt and tie that I have been seeing online and in catalogs of recent but the wife seems to think it works. She is my most trusted critic because she won’t let me outside in something she thinks is a bad look. Note that I should have put up yesterday: Don’t try to save time at the clothiers by avoiding the dressing room, make sure the clothes look as good on you as they do on the mannequin.

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - New gingham shirt by Chaps via Kohls, the spoils of day-after-black-Friday shopping. I’ve learned my lesson and have started trying shirts on before buying them to ensure the cuffs can make it to my wrists. JCrew Khakis Prep Stripe tie from the Harvard Coop.

Sam / eatingeverywhere.com - ‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving, and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, except the cats and their toy mouse. I put away the leftovers, kicked off my shoes, hoping to lay down for a relaxing snooze. When down at the mailbox there arouse such a clatter, I sprang off the couch to see what was the matter. I ran out the door, down two flights of stairs. Threw open the mailbox, saw envelopes in pairs. I tore open the one, and what did I find? But a tie from Will; so generous, so kind. Tied it on right away, and it fit like a charm. Should I put on a jacket? What could be the harm? To my mirror I went with camera in tow. And snapped off a shot in the late day glow. Another day I give thanks, this time to my friend. Who dug in his ties to find one to send; To say thanks to me for my creative ways. What a pleasant surprise on this Black Friday. Shirt – J.Crew / Jacket – Gant / Tie – Banana Republic, courtesy of Will. Thanks!

Sabir Peele / mensstylepro.com - weekend edition: Tie by Club room

Ryan / denimdiary.net - Graham Withers bow, rugby jacket, j. crew oxford, Nudie Jeans - 6 years, 4 washes.

Sam, thanks for the rhyme, and I’m pleased as punch you like the tie from my personal collection.
And thanks all for the submissions today and over the long weekend. Lookin sharp! Hope all of your Thanksgivings were as grand as mine. Keep up the tie wearing and get your pictures in as often as you’d Like. Hell, Drake has 4 pictures posted today. Good on ya.

So as always Join the 100 Days of ties and submit your pictures.


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