100 Days of Ties: Day 60: Amusement Tuesdays with Enjoi, Louie Barletta, and pandas and wools.

Sweater: Enjoi / Tie: Billy Reid / Shirt: Lands' End Canvas / Belly of the Beast: Cluttered / TV on DVD: Watched and Rewatched many a-time

In my prior life, I might just have been an eleventeen year-old girl as I have had an affinity for all things panda for as far back as I can remember. It’s what I named one of my first solo projects after (if you know me, you’ll get the title of this post better), it’s what I have been for Halloween, and the love of the animal is what initially drew me towards the fine product of Enjoi. Though the antics of Jerry Hsu, Louie Barletta, Colt Cannon, Caswell Berry, Jose Rojo and Marc Johnson (now gone) kept my attention, I was on a quest back in my skating daze to acquire most of their collection. So, when i was cleaning out my closet recently (you can’t tell from the picture), I was pretty stoked to come upon the Enjoi Panda Sweater that took me a LONG time to find back in the day.

So, with that in mind, kill some time watching Louie Barletta’s spot from Enjoi’s first video, Man Down. My fave point comes at 1:23….

Submissions to the 100 Days

Ryan Sumner / denimdiary.net - this photo is a total phone-in today! j. crew tie, j. crew jacket, vintage OCBD.

Sabir M. Peele / mensstylepro.com - Tie and Blazer by Gap

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - One day to go but I couldn’t wait, I’m breaking out the holiday ties that see daylight but one month a year. Super-skinny, wool, holiday tartan necktie by Vicky Davis of New York. One and one half inches is a trim tie for a gluttonous season. Honestly, this might look better as a holiday belt on the missus, but she can pry it off my cold, dead neck.

Shaw / noblecountygold.com - Shirt: Lands' End Canvas Heritage Oxford Tie: Baldwin Denim Waist Coat: Orivs

Thao / http://theblahgs.wordpress.com/ - today is my dress down day. Elizabeth & James chambray shirt/ tie by Black Fleece/ponytail brought to you by hard work and sweat. Minnetonka moccosins (not pictured) were extra comfy for spreading some holiday cheer.

Tucker / theivyleaguelook.blogspot.com - Tie: J. Press Shirt: Brooks Brothers tab collar Suit: Southwick navy wool/cashmere sack

Jeff - Tie: Original penguin. Sweater: Oscar De La Renta

David / thenaturalaristocrat.com / Knit Tie by Land's End / Shirt by Polo / Navy Velvet Jacket by Ezra Fitch (got it for $8) / Brooks Bros Khakis and Brown Givenchy Oxfords below

Thanks again, all, for the great submissions. Love it whern there’s some female flavor spiced into things. Keep those coming. Ryan did a good job of convincing Thao to tie one on today. Everyone knows a lady that looks good in a tie. That’s my hypothesis at least, but I think it’s true. So, either prove me wrong or prove me right. No, scratch that, just prove me right.

Man and Woman up and join the 100 Days of ties. Submit your pictures.


One response to “100 Days of Ties: Day 60: Amusement Tuesdays with Enjoi, Louie Barletta, and pandas and wools.

  1. that sweater is amazing. love it with the green shirt too – off-sets the stripes on the tie quite nicely.


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