100 Days of Ties: Day 61: The Gentleman Traveler vs. The Morning Commute

City: Denver / Time: 6:54AM / Boots: Red Wing Gentleman Travelers / Peacoat: H&M / Bag: Lands' End Canvas (tip of the hat) / Shirt: Wharf / Tie: Pierrepont Hicks / Cardigan: J.Crew / Denim: Levi's

Oh hell yes. Look at that kid right there! The tie says, “business,” the peacoat says, “style” and those boots say, “outta my effing way, dudeson. I ain’t got time for no crybaby antics, son. I don’t care if you are the frigid morning air or icy sidewalks or the fact that I am still ridiculously tired because I stayed up late watching Apprentice reruns when I should have been sleeping. Balderdash!” But in all honesty, I do not rock my Red Wings as much as I should. Today, though? Today just felt right to do so. Ands I’m glad I did. Super comfortable, wickedly durable, and the color is just bar none. Nothing like a shade of light chestnut among shades of blues and grays to make the outfit pop. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already gotten a plethora of compliments on these ass-kickers… Same people who said something about the panda sweater. I’m just throwing the world for a loop. Now almost a year old, these Gentleman Travelers were WELL worth the price point. I recommend them highly. Also, every item on me I suggest checking out. Wharf and Pierrepont Hicks especially. You already know J. Crew and Levi’s and H&M.

Plus, we’re gonna revisit these boots just in time for the holidays….

Closeup because, sue me, I like this outfit.

Submissions to the 100 Days

Ryan / denimdiary.net - Brooks Bros. Oxford, Penguin Jacket, Vintage Tie

Brent / Dimpledfourinhand.wordpress.com - Shirt and tie are TM Lewin. I cannot figure out what tie knot I used. Some sites say it's a Half Windsor. Others say Christensen. According to Brooks Brothers' site the blade always goes across the front from right to left for a Half Windsor. The knot that I used I reverse the direction from left to right for the final pass across the front. I've always tied it that way thinking it was a Half Windsor.

David / thenaturalaristocrat.com / Tie by Ralph Lauren / Shirt by Thomas Pink / Jacket by Harris Tweed (first time ever wearing it) / Vintage mother of pearl tie clip / Helly Hansen gray pants, H&M purple socks and chocolate Givenchy oxfords below

Jonathan - It's opening day for my mom's thrift store, Good Deal Thrift. She started it to help special needs adults in Durant, OK. The special needs employees are paid and profits go to extra curricular activities like Special Olympics. If anyone reading this, just happens to be near Durant, please look into it. Tie: Vintage from Good Deal Thrift 🙂

Shawn / noblecountrygold.com - Shirt: Lands' End Canvas Heritage Poplin Tie: Lands' End Canvas Knit Tie Jacket: JCrew Corduroy Blazer

Drake - Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - No work today. Bringing the wife lunch at work. Layering to keep out the elements on the first day of snow accumulation.

Joseph - First day of December and it's snowing! Perfect timing. A suit and tie for Advent. All from..."The Brethern".

Cheers all on another great day. Keep up the submissions. Also, with it being the 61st day and not too many left, we need to ink down the NYC party. January 27th is the last day, yes. However, that’s a Thursday. That said, I am thinking the first weekend in February would be ideal. Love will be in the air for Valentine’s and all that crap. Whattaya say?

Cheers~ Will

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One response to “100 Days of Ties: Day 61: The Gentleman Traveler vs. The Morning Commute

  1. I think that the first weekend in February is great, mang.

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