100 Days of Ties: Day 62: Denver is beautiful and coffee with Gant Rugger, Fred Perry, and Graham Withers.

Time: 6:54AM / Hat: Modern Amusement newsboy / Shoots: Red Wing for J. Crew / Tie: Graham Withers / Shirt: Fred Perry / Coat: Gant Rugger / Bag: Lands' End Canvas

I’m not even gonna really get into it today with some story or witty banter…. All I will say is I have developed a reignited passion for my fair mile high city of Denver, CO. It’s beautiful, my family and friends are all here (save for you out-of-staters), and I’m comfortable. Plus, we have excellent Mexican food. What else do you need?

On another note and speaking of other cities, the 100 Days of Tie party has a date. Read up on it on the 100 Days page, and RSVP at the eventbrite page. See you there.

One last thing right quick: I touched on maybe getting a little fund going to assist in my airfare to NYC for the party. Almost immediately, Paul from Graham Withers, featured today, chimed in with a cool $50 donation. If just another few people would be willing to do the same, I would really appreciate it. Lemme know if you are willing to donate by emailing me.

Submissions to the 100 Days

Griffin Thomas | Tie: Brooks Brothers | Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren | Shirt: Vintage Poplin with Button-Tab Collar (Ideal for Tying One On)

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - J.Crew Holiday Tie (It’s the most wonderful tie of the year.)

Sabir / http://www.MensStylePro.com - Tie and Blazer by H&M, Corduroy Pants by INC, Shoe by Johnston&Murphy. Scarf by Gap. It is pretty cold today. Woke up and it was 32 degrees so I needed some heavier pants and jacket. Realized that Zach on the cover of GQ was wearing a similar blazer so I decided to add him to the picture.

Gabe / GabeAlonso.com - Shirt: LL Bean Signature / Tie: Rugby / Sweater: Gap

Brent / Dimpledfourinhand.wordpress.com - Cream TM Lewin shirt, navy Brooks Brothers Mini BB#1 Repp Tie, navy Jos Bank windowpane coat, navy and gold Robert Talbott pocket square.

Thanks again for the submissions all. See you in NYC in February.

Submit your pictures to the 100 Days of Ties.

One response to “100 Days of Ties: Day 62: Denver is beautiful and coffee with Gant Rugger, Fred Perry, and Graham Withers.

  1. Just got back from a fine lunch of fish tacos at La Luz in downtown Fort Collins. Washed the tacos down with a Pacifico.

    My favorite Mexican joint in the Denver Metro area is El Tepehuan in Englewood. It’s a little different than a typical Mexican restaurant.

    Taos NM has the best Mexican food on the planet. In my humble opinion, of course.

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