Company Spotlight: Red Wing Shoes. America. #1.

As I have made no secret, Red Wings have been my footwear of choice for the past two days, and hell, even beyond that. I will admit though that I have not worn the Gentleman Travelers (below) as much as I really should be and yesterday was actually maybe the 6th or 7th time this year I have done so. However, with the amount of positive feedback I got yesterday because of the boots, it has prompted me to want to wear them a lot more.

This hardwood is no match for dem boots...

Trudging through the streets of Denver to and fro the bus stop down at Market and 16th was a comfortable and quite stylish experience. Even outside of the office, where I got compliments from the same folks who, the day prior, pointed out the “cuteness” of the panda on my sweater, I was getting, “Hey man nice boots,” among other niceties. So, I thought, “Why the hell not go for the gusto and wear my only other pair of Wings the next day?”

So I did. And I’ve busted the Red Wings for J. Crew boots off the home rack a number of times, but dammit I was feelin them today. Good thing too, as my buddy Joe, who always has something nice to say regardless of whatever is going on, gave me a nice compliment on them. It sort of made my day. I wasn’t having  abad day by any stretch of the term, but it’s nice to get that, “Killer boots, man!” from time to time.

And therein lies my link: Red Wings is a genuine brand in my eyes. My father wore them, his father wore them, and so on and so on. The brand has withstood the tests of time where many have come and gone. Aside from brands, though, another thing that never goes out of style is courtesy. And Joe, my friend, confidante and coworker is an ambassador for this. I have met many a-folk who only point out the foibles of others. Joe is different. he finds the best in anything and everything, and it rubs off on those with whom he comes in contact.

I was taught at a young age to not judge a book by its cover / to always find the lemonade among the lemons / to treat each and everyday like a new set of opportunities / to cherish being alive / to work hard and do good. I have tried to also surround myself with those who share this sentiment. And I feel I have done an okay job of this. But, like the brands I didn’t mention in the thought above, the ones who are true have stayed and the others have, as stated, come and gone.

What’s the Fall Out Boy song? Champagne for my real friends. Rela pain for my sham friends. Corney, but true.


3 responses to “Company Spotlight: Red Wing Shoes. America. #1.

  1. what would you say the sizing is? i wear 11.5 in most shoes, new balance, sperrys and timberland. i have wear 11 in converse. would a red wing boot be more of my 11.5? i see deals online all the time and i never pull the trigger cause i dont know how they would fit. and killer boots dude.

    • momentumoffailure

      Size down. I wear an 8.5 and rocked an 8 fore the Crew boots and a 9 for the others. The travelers are too big, but I make em work with thick socks.

      • For some reason sizing down was in my head, I just need confirmation. I might pickup a vintage pair of irish setters off ebay unless I can get a good deal on a collaboration pair from J Crew. Thanks for the reply and great job with the blog. Im not a tie person but I love seeing all the posts from you and the other readers. Its cool seeing all the different styles of outfits where sneaking in a tie just takes the outfit to a new level.

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