2010 Acquisitions: What was your favorite score?

Yeah, we still got a few days, but I will posit anyway: What has been your favorite purchase / score / find of 2010? Comment below and let the fun begin…

I will kick it off, top 10 style…

10) I have caught quite a bit of flack for favoring this one over Kanye’s release this year, but dammit if the latest from My Chemical Romance hasn’t been on repeat since nabbing a copy of it.

Cover to cover, I have to say that each and every song, even the brief interludes, has ranked very high on my hear-a-ta-bility scale. Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys has, in the little time it has been out has catapulted itself into my “must listen” list. Records on that list are few, but when I hear a good jam, I know a good jam. Head to My Chem’s site and pick up a copy. It’s worth a listen, IMHO.


4 responses to “2010 Acquisitions: What was your favorite score?

  1. i’ll give you two.
    1. original penguin peacoat. navy, heavy duty cotton, removable sherpa liner. from last year, but an early 2010 pickup.
    2. moods of norway black blazer. killer fit, amazing details. the tag on the inner liner reads “made with love by really really pretty blonde girls.”

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  3. 1. 2010 Nissan Altima
    2. Wusthof pocket knife
    3. Canon EOS Rebel XSI Digital SLR Camera.

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