Necessity is the mother of all invention: Broken zipper? For that price, it ain’t a problem.

As mentioned on today’s 100 Day post, I scored a few choice items this weekend. I copped the Gap sweater I wanted at a discounted price, I made a new friennd of sorts who runs his own company specializing in choice body products (more on this later), agot a good deal of my Christmas shopping done, and, while finding myself in Urban Outfitters (for some reason) I spotted a Brothers Bray tote in the sale section. Off the bat, I was pumped. But the tag reflected no markdown. Then I noticed the pull on the zipper was missing. 0-2, Urban. But still, I thought to bring the bag to the register to see what the price was. While the counter gal didn’t think it was actually on sale, it rang up at the lower price. Was I don? Hell no.

BAM: Fixed.

While the BB tote was marked down to around $40 or so, I mentioned that perhaps the price could be dropped further seeing as how the zipper was busted. Count it: $20. I consider that quite the when seeing as how when I got home, I threw a key ring on there that doesn’t actually look like it shouldn’t be there. I was taught at a young age to be resourceful and if you want to change something, you have to do it yourself. A broken zipper? Give me a break. That’s child’s play. Of course this is coming from the same guy that can’t stitch a button. That’s next on the list.

One last thing, though, that I noticed now that I peeped the bag on, is that mine, too, is missing the shoulder strap. Had I known, I would have gone for a more of a deal. Twenty is sweet and all, but I could use that strap. I’m gonna reach out…


One response to “Necessity is the mother of all invention: Broken zipper? For that price, it ain’t a problem.

  1. Hustin at it’s finest, I always go for the extra discount. I can’t believe you scored it for that price, I’m gonna have to run down to the UO near me and see if they have any.

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