Seems Silly Bands are more popular than the Ayrton Senna Watch by Universal Genève

Senna was a god amongst men to some.

I don’t know what the ff it is about silly bands, but dammit if they don’t get the attention of just about every female in this city. Well, at least in Boulder…. There I was having a few Redbreasts with coworkers after a long day, sporting a sharp watch. Do I get a “nice timepiece…”? No. I get, “Oh are those Silly Bands??? OH I LOVE THEM OMGEEEEE.” Oh well. I like them too. Really because my little sister gave them to me and they have a sentimental value, but still, I think they’re neat.

That tangent being carried out, my boss came to me and said, “Dude, I gotta the Senna Watch by Universal Genève. I’ll bring it in.” He did. I shot it. It’s awesome.

Oh, and more on the man, myth, the legend: Ayrton Senna.

At Imola in 1989


2 responses to “Seems Silly Bands are more popular than the Ayrton Senna Watch by Universal Genève

  1. Those are really nice watches, very indicative of the early 90s watchmaking style. Hublot and Tag have done Senna watches as well. The Tags are seen as more official however because Senna was the brand ambassador until 1994. Although as with any commemorative piece, it can never really do justice to the man it is supposed to represent. Same thing with the IWC Jacques Cousteau watches.

    Senna is one of my biggest role models, I can’t even tell you how much he has influenced me to be better in every way. The guy was as fierce on the track as he was humane and humble to those around him. He died just weeks prior to my 8th birthday, I still remember it. Good post man, especially for a racing nut like me.

  2. I’ll take the watch 🙂 Senna was awesome to watch race and I think it’s a good representation of him, for a timepiece.

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