100 Days of Ties: Day 71 with a high chance of snow. Hence the Gant Rugger Toggle in lieu of vest.

C'mon weatherman. Don't be wrong. The mall would look so nice in snow.

Eyes to the sky again today as Denver cooled off this morning. Hell, I even had to don SLEEVES on my outerwear and switch my bag fromhand to hand to rewarm them, alternating between pockets. As I pieced together today’s look (Gitman for Bonobos, J. Crew, Johnston & Murphy vintage saddles, Levi’s selvedge, Gant Rugger Toggler), I overheard them newspeople chirping something about how we shouldn’t expect this warm weather to last… Wait, wait, wait, wait…. What?!? Effing finally! Maybe all this blogging about unseasonable warmth is paying off? I mean, companies have been generous enough to send product because of content. So maybe the big Man upstairs read the Momentum and too decided Denver needed snow.

So should the Heavens bestow upon the Mile Highers the gift of a white Christmas (or a white birthday this Saturday for me), I will be forever thankful.

Over and out,



Sabir / http://www.MensStylePro.com Suit & Tie by Banana Republic. Pocket Square is a bowtie folded by Countess Mara. Today I am the king of the castle (sike). This is the crown that I won my senior year of college as the Homecoming king. I throw this crown on to make important decisions at home from time to time and my wife just laughs at me. So today I am technically wearing two ties by having the pocket square as a bowtie (double whammy!!!).

Brent / dimpledfourinhand.com - TM Lewin shirt and Turnbull and Asser tie.

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com – I got dressed quick this morning and tried to go with a foolproof classic. Gingham Shirt – Chaps Thick Weave Silk Tie – Lands’ End Charter Dockers D2 Trousers LEC Chino Blazer

DJ / twitter.com/djmayorga - You can guess where it all came from...I think you know the answer

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