100 Days of Ties: Day 72. Warm in the Animal Command and frustrated on the streets of Denver.

They have burlesque/cabaret shows in the top of that clocktower.

Wait. Wait just a damn second. Weathermen and women can be wrong about the weather?? Get right out of town. That 2-3 inches of snow we were promised yesterday never showed. “A dry air front moved into the metro area preventing any snowfall.” Well, damn! Now you tell me….Though this morning wasn’t without the Winter feel, what with temperatures peaking in the mid-20’s. Though my meteorologist, Jennifer Broome (hubba hubba), says we can expect snow (maybe) today, the chance of a white birthday for Will (December 18th – or- this upcoming Saturday) seems to be a fleeting thought.

It is what it is, I suppose. I mean at least it’s cold enough for the Animal Command jacket, a personal fave in my collection, as well as all other cold-weather gear, and really, how can I stay mad at Jennifer? Look at that face…

Rachel / http://thestylecooperative.com/ - pulling for the girls' team in the project! Sporting a bow at that.

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - a plain white shirt, a simple tie and a navy blazer is a classic look. It is tough like limestone. The kind of thing you can wear day in and day out and not have to worry about.

Carson / Twitter – @cjs_254 - J Crew Chambray – White Vintage Calvin Klein Tie – Etsy Find Vintage Wood Grain Tie Bar – Ebay Find J Crew Gray Resin Wash Jeans – Not Pictured Wingtip Oxfords – Not Pictured (also an Ebay Find)

Joe - Ancient sweater from Van Boven men's shop (Ann Arbor) Tie and shirt: Brooks Bros

Brent / dimpledfourinhand.wordpress.com - I guess this is my "signature" combination so may as well have a signature "pose" I guess. TM Lewin shirt and tie. Austin Reed suit and my only 3-button.

David / TheNaturalAristocrat.com / Classic prep status today / Tie by Rivetz of Boston / Shirt and Jacket by Polo / Pocket Square by Ashear / Polo khakis and Footjoy penny loafers below.

Dale Carter / twitter.com/dalecarter - Shirt: Original Penguin, Tie: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: J Crew

Welcome, Rachel! Guys, say hi and play nice.

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3 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 72. Warm in the Animal Command and frustrated on the streets of Denver.

  1. Rachel, very nice! I’m not sure I have what it takes to wear a bow tie. Good on ya!

  2. Same here. Bow ties look great on the internet, and girls, but they are not yet invading the heartland

  3. Thanks guys! I love bow ties with casual clothes, because then you don’t look/feel like you’re trying THAT hard.

    I don’t think I could do a regular necktie on the other hand. I’d feel like a waitress.

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