100 Days of Ties: Day 73. As Graham Withers and I wait for the bus…

BX: Right on time.

And as I sit waiting for the bus this morning, it struck me, “I’m 29. Time to get a good deal of this business in order. Still a young man am I, but it’s time to pin down sopme real goals, plans, etc.” I see 2011 being a big year on a number of different levels. Before all that, though, I am doing my best to finish 2010 with a bang. So far, so good, as I have wrangled a few cats to play some tunes with, got that Rugby feature under my belt, made a few new friends, and even just last night, found a favorite new haunt to call home for Broncos games and other random meetup times with friends. I was thinking though, on the bus today, about starting to ink down my resolutions which I have never really done before and probably won’t do again. I’ll make a few changes here and there, but I don’t need a piece of paper glaring at me to lose weight, or drink less, or stop kicking the cat… I know what I need to do. So I will do that.


Ben / twitter.com/cobaltinfinity - Too early for a clever tie quip - Tie / Original Penguin Shirt / Age of Wisdom

David / TheNaturalAristocrat.com / Tie, Shirt, and Jacket by Brooks Brothers / Pocket Square by Ashear / LL Bean Navy chinos and Allen Edmonds Manchesters below

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - The longest three days of the year. Half the office is gone. The wife is off for two weeks. And here I am through Wednesday. Perhaps the Alsatian critter tie will cheer me up. LEC Canvas Blazer LL Bean Oxford Unbranded Critter Tie Dockers D2.

Sean / Twitter.com/BostonMo - In my holiday best, RugbyRL sweater - Brooks Brothers flannel and bow tie, and champagne!

Every morning, at the same time, I get Drake’s picture. I may have to extend the 100 Days to infinity and beyond, as I don’t know what I am going to do with myself should the submissions cease…

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