Music Monday: Nostalgia through video. Anton Glamb and my time in NYC

L - R: Anton, Santhya - Photo: Tone / MySpace

I lived in NYC for a bit: Met some amazing people, worked at some cool places, spent a lot of money, ate some of the best food in the world, woke up in the oddest placest with some interesting people, made a good number of friends, most of whom I keep in touch with to this day. But one of my shining moments, or one of the experiences I had that I look back on most fondly was the time I first heard, and subsequently got to interview Anton Glamb.

Nice dude, to boot and one of the hardest working, super clever, party-bot galore musicians I have ever met. This was, though, some 4+ years ago, but it’s good to check in on him and then to see that he’s still going at it strong. “Subway” was the first jam I heard, and while I was the only one among my peers that took to it so heavily, it’s still a standard go-to jam to get me going to this day.

Shortly after that, I came across “Take It Slow.” Another gem from Glamb. Ask Amanda from the illustrious Cobra Camanda about the dance I do. Go ahead. I dare ya.

Now, boogie.


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