100 Days of Ties: Day 74. Winter Solstice and the irony of it all.

There's never enough time - Jessie Spano

I said recently that I need about 10 more hours in each day as projects are piling up, and I am sleeping less to get each one of them accomplished. I brought them on myself as I never know when to say no, so I have no one to blame but myself. It’s not so much blame though as it is the desire to always be moving and working hard. A wise man taught me that. So how ironic that after saying such a sentiment that the shortest day of the year should fall upon us? Mildly ironic, I suppose. While it is indeed the solstice, every day from here on out will get longer and longer. Score.

In no time I’ll be hanging up the Gant Rugger Toggler and wool ties, swapping them for madras blazers and ascots. I still won’t have enough hours in the day to take care of everything, but it is what it is. Another day, another chance to make life better.


Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - The AK last night was a little “Come at me, bro!” This musket is more “Approacheth, Adelphos!” LEC Blazer J.Crew Holiday Tie J.C.Penney Stafford University Stripe Oxford

David / TheNaturalAristocrat.com / Tie, Shirt, Jacket and Pocket Square by Polo Ralph Lauren / 501s and double monks below

Ryan / onedocumentedobsession.com / Tie-Gitman Bros wool / Shirt- J.Crew chambray/ Blazer-H&M

Sabir / mensstylepro.com - Tie by Countess Mara. Taking a page out of the Ryan Sumner book I did the flannel over denim layering with a bow tie. My boss let everyone dress down the rest of the week so I decided to take advantage and throw on some stuff I been waiting to try myself.

Brent / dimpledfourinhand.wordpress.com - Robert Talbott tie and TM Lewin shirt.


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6 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 74. Winter Solstice and the irony of it all.

  1. Ryan, great Pocket Square
    Sabir, pulling that look off well

  2. Here is a contest that I am running with Armstrong & Wilson that I think you will be interested guys (and ladies too). Who wants to win three luxury pocket squares from http://www.ArmstronganWilson.com ? If so go here http://wp.me/P1cLfe-34 and enter to win!

  3. Thanks Drake, sorry for the grainy picture. Be sure to enter the contest that I posted. Any pocket square look you have could win your 3 awesome pocket squares from http://www.ArmstrongandWilson.com. I own two and they are amazing.

  4. Great tie Will! it makes the outfit for me.

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