The Irreplaceable Print and Why it Should Never Die.

While I am guilty of getting much of my news from online sources versus picking up an actual paper, I still find value in the fine art of the physically printed word. I think it’s important, whether it be a good book (Kindle will never replace that), the NYT crossword puzzle (no Android app can compare),  or even a local read like the Westword or Onion’s A/V Club, perfect material for when you’re waiting for a friend to meet you at Illegal Pete’s before MNF. And, in possibly the best example, the glossy pages of a magzine.

Time for renewal

Nothing will ever beat showing up early to your gate before the flight, hitting up Hudson News for Chex Mix, a coke, and the latest issue of Esquire to read to kill time until the 3:17 to Denver comes in. I subscribe to many mgazines still and continue to renew (GQ, Esquire, Details, among others) and would do a newspaper as well if I didn’t live in a condo complex and it came directly to my door.

So do yourself and the print industry a favor and subscribe to a publication or two. Hell, I’m considering a Playboy subscription. I mean, someday, when I have some little Wills running around, I want them to find “the old man’s stash of Playboys.” Maybe it will get future generations stoked on not getting all medium via the Internet as well as show them some tasteful shots of women versus having them stumble across Two Girls, One Cup….. Which I am proud to say I still have never seen and will never watch.


5 responses to “The Irreplaceable Print and Why it Should Never Die.

  1. No one watches two girls one cup on purpose
    One day you will be duped

  2. As long as there is a need for cocaine to be cut and packaged there will be a need for glossy magazines.

    Also, the iPad, Kindles, and ereaders of the world wont stand up to the humidity of the bathroom like a rack full of magazines can.

  3. > playboy

  4. I’ve been saying this for the past year: some magazines > online content because magazines contain a finite amount of information. There aren’t endless links taking you to more and more information–there are the words and the pictures, and that’s it. The pages don’t overwhelm you, they’re just there for you to enjoy at your own leisure, wherever you want.

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