100 Days of Ties: Happy Holidays from the Real World Denver House

In background: Real World House - Denver, CO

Not much activity going on today. Skeleton crew here at the office. Joe (pictured below) and I grinding away between watching old Axl Rose tantrums on YouTube and trying to fix my computer. So, I will keep this simple: I wanted to switch it up today so I took an alternate route to the bus this morning, finding myself deeper in LoDo than I had been since the Rockies wrapped up their dismal 2010 season. But I took this (semi-awkward) shot on purpose as the Real World house Denver is pictured in the background. Yep. That’s where those douches who invaded the Mile High stayed. It’s not a restaurant. “You can eat in the same place that dude shacked up with 4 chicks at the same time then made a racial slur against the Eskimo in the house*….” I’ll take fries with that.

Cheers and have a safe and happy holiday season!


Hey, Joe. Back atcha, brother.

David / TheNaturalAristocrat.com / Vintage Rooster wool tartan tie / Brooks Brothers pinstripe slim OCBD / Brooks Brothers navy/black herringbone blazer / 501s and Footjoy penny loafers below

Brent / dimpledfourinhand.wordpress.com - Belgium Waffle-humping, blue necktie by Burma Bibas. Shirt by TM Lewin. I stole the tie description from the Fangirl Suit Report blog.

* I only saw bits and pieces of the Real World Denver so these claims don’t hold much water.

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One response to “100 Days of Ties: Happy Holidays from the Real World Denver House

  1. Pretty plaid day all the way around. Happy Holidays!

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