100 Days of Ties: Day 77 and the holiday blues dressed in red.

A staple: The red sweater. Lands' End Canvas, no less.

There’s a scene from an old Newsradio episode where, right before the staff of WNYX leaves for Christmas break, Joe, the office handyman played aptly by a young Joe Rogan, rips down all the holiday decorations stating, “Nothing’s more depressing than coming back to work after Christmas and seeing the decorations still up.” I couldn’t agree more. Th lights and wreaths and other miscellaneous holiday adornments only made me think about how long we have to wait until next year. Oh well, I suppose the longer we have to weait, the better it will be. It was a good holiday this year. Family, friends, crosswords galore, cash money, shoes, pots and pans, and plenty of smiles.Hell, maybe even next year we can add snow to that mix. As evidenced by this shot, we got none, and that thin layer of frost doesn’t count. But no fault of my fave Jennifer Broome – She reports, not doles out.

Hope yours was grand as well. It appears though I will be in Denver for NYE. Plans?


Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - First shot of the Christmas haul in action. JCP Stafford Wrinkle Free Oxford. Dockers D3 Khakis PRL Belt Horchow Tie Lands’ End Canvas Chino Blazer.’

Ryan / denimdiary.net - So after my travels (which included an 8 day stint on the Nile without my bags that were forsaken by Lufthansa; therefore foiling my plans to pose in front of the great pyramids in a tie and simultaneously making me sweat over the value of said luggage... gant, cartier, ralph lauren....) I am back in the us of a. In celebration, I am going American prep here... rugby chinos, j. Crew woven and rep tie, all under a vintage cordaroy jacket. Glad to be back, y'all

David / TheNaturalAristocrat.com / vintage Macy's Men's Store knitted silk tie / Brooks Brothers shirt and jacket / Joseph Abboud muted plaid wool trousers and Mezlan double monk straps below

Sabir / http://www.MensStylePro.com - This is an outfit from Xmas eve night before church. Tie by Merano, shirt by Gap, Cardigan by H&M, Blazer by Banana Republic, Pants by Express and wingtip shoes by Aldo.

Another sleepy day at the office, for sure, but this is such a flux week. What are we all doing here?

NYC approaches rapidly.

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