100 Days of Ties: Day 80 and the best is yet to come.

Break out the ice scrapers, we're going to town.

Finally, Denver got hit hard by some snow and brutally cold temperatures. I got the chance to head to the hills for some snowshoeing, which was ideal, save for the patch of ice I hit afterwards while running out for dinner supplies ending in me and my car in a ditch. No one was hurt. We’re all good. What a way to see out 2010.

With 2011 here and as cliched and hackneyed as it sounds, I’m embracing this fresh start and aim to live everyday to the fullest. I try to already, but there’s no harm in trying harder, and trying to do a bit of good everyday.

Cheers, all, and let’s make this year one for the books.


David / TheNaturalAristocrat.com / Vintage Macy's Men's Store Tie (becoming one of my favorites) / Polo RL Shirt / Brooks Bros Jacket / 501s and Bean Boots below (since it decided to snow all of a sudden) / I also wore my vintage British made cashmere tan overcoat, vintage Italian made tweed hunting cap, and my Johnston's of Elgin scarf

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - Last day of work this year. Cheers. Lands’ End tie LEC blazer LL Bean trim fit oxford American Living khakis Mini Taegukgi folded into a pocket square Not pictured: black weejuns

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - Nothing worse than a return to cold and a return to work after a long weekend. I’ll need to invest in some thicker pants for next winter, these slacks are not windproof. Stafford shirt and tie Haggar slacks

Ryan / denimdiary.net - Classic moment from New Year's with the roomie. I assure you Matthew wasn't sleeping. On Matt: Rugby khaki tux jacket, j. crew woven, Neiman Marcus buffalo check dickie bow. On Myself: Rugby jacket, Gant Rugger woven, school uniform tie (hardly visible) Evening started with amazing pre fix meal at a local restaurant. Our waitress sat us and said,"You all look very lovely tonight." Thao piped in and said,"Oh, they always do." Post meal, we made it to a house party where we were the only ones in ties. Scratch that, jackets and button down shirts. Ok... i take it all back. we were the only ones there not wearing a t-shirt and/or track jacket. Setting the pace for the coming year!

Scott / http://srfontaine88.tumblr.com/ - Suit - Indochino Ultimate Gray 3 piece Ties - Tommy Hilfiger Shirt - Express Shoes - Allen Edmonds Strand Nice to be back mate! Happy New Year!

Sabir / mensstylepro.com - My wife and I threw a NYE party at our house and made it a "Red Carpet" theme giving everyone the opportunity to dress up. We even gave out prizes to the best dressed man and best dressed woman of our guests. I am wearing a satin bowtie that I pick up on Ebay. In my pocket as my square is a paisley necktie from Liberty of London. We had a damn good time and brought the in the new year in style. And yes, we did buy a back drop so that everyone could take pictures.

Sean / twitter.com/bostonmo - NYE

Sean / twitter.com/bostonmo - Christmas

Cheers to the start of 2011 and a whole pile of huge things to come.

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One response to “100 Days of Ties: Day 80 and the best is yet to come.

  1. Lovely having you back.
    Give the neighbors car a scrape while you are at it. It only takes a minute and they will be overjoyed not to have to do it themselves.

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