100 Days of Ties: Day 86, a long overdue bowtie and one. cold. morning. commute.

Panthers: On my chest and neck. One a tattoo, one a bowtie.

Hard to believe that out of the last 86 days of this 100 Days of Ties project, I’ve only worn a bow tie one other time… I used to be such a champion for the neckwear. I don’t know what happened. That changes today. Or, well, at least I think I need to wear more bows. They’re sharp. I paired today’s Rugby offering with a j Crew pinpoint oxford and Animal’s Official jacket. It was so effing cold this morning though that I refrained from the self-timer and did a quick shot on the bus.

To speak of the panther right quick: Since my youth, the animal has had a special place in my life. Although one of my best friends gave me a homemade tattoo of the beast on my chest, and it is covering that of my bowtie today, I kind of want to get more ink done of it. Professionally. Problem is, I’ve only seen it done so very cheeseball-esque. Tribal style or way too over the top. I need someone to draw up some wicked design for me. Any takers? Also, on the bowtie front, I shall be ordering meself some Pierrepont today.Their 2K11 sale is on…


Jeremiah - aheadlongdive.com - Back in action! Tie: J Crew. Coffee: Starbucks.

Drake / givemeindiana.tumblr.com - Heavy snow is scheduled to fall on Indy all day today. I’m considering taking a half day to beat the traffic and play with the dog. It all depends on the weather and how much work I can knock out. Stafford shirt Givenchy tie Dockers D2 pants

Brent / dimpledfourinhand.wordpress.com - New funky-for-me tie from Alfani. I have no idea why I bought it other than it was $10. And it's kinda fun. Shirt is Charles Tyrwhitt and sweater is Paul Fredrick.

David / TheNaturalAristocrat.com / Tie by Givenchy / Shirt by Etro / Jacket by Ermenegildo Zegna

Ryan / denimdiary.net - Outside Granada theater in Dallas. showing how stoked I am for Sebadoh by dressing like your favorite indie rock college professor: vintage cord jacket, vintage OCBD, Penguin sweater and tie.

Paul / http://dreamsofperfection.wordpress.com/ - Tie: The Tie Bar, Jacket: Lands End, Tweed: Vintage

Sampo / twitter.com/sampo_ilmari - banana republic suit and tie

I’m serious about that panther drawing. If anyone wans to give it a go, let me know. Maybe I’ll get it done in NYC next month…

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8 responses to “100 Days of Ties: Day 86, a long overdue bowtie and one. cold. morning. commute.

  1. jeremiah, those oxblood kicks are working for you.

    as for the panther… i like old school, traditional, americana looking stuff. my friend, Adam, has this on his knee: http://tinypic.com/r/1jksg9/7

    Will, come to Dallas and we’ll get it done by Oliver Peck… orrr… ya know. wherever. if you get a tattoo in NYC, i’ll get one too. Maybe a little necktie? maybe 100 days with a necktie for the 1?

    there’s still time to figure it all out… haha.

    • momentumoffailure

      Dallas is in the works for March, I think. I could hold off until then for some good work if your guy is legit. As far as a way to commemorate the NYC trip, I think a small piece of ink is damn appropriate.

    • momentumoffailure

      Also, Ryan, please put some sort of a warning on a link like that so next time I will wait until no one is walking past my monitor at work… HA

  2. It’s always best to have your artist draw what you want. I’m a big fan of traditional-style tattoos, with clean lines, bold colors, lots of shading. They age well, like anything else you want to invest in permanently. Especially for such a traditional motif – is there any other way to do it? So, I’d recommend looking around for someone who does classic tattoo work around your neck of the woods. Go into shops. Check out portfolios. If you run out of places and no artist has struck your fancy, ask for the advice of someone who works there. But don’t let them hard sell you on getting it done by them. You’ll regret it.

    And when you do find what you’re looking for and they draw it, make sure it’s exactly what you want. They might try to bully you into getting it done ASAP as they drew it, but it’s even worse than a bespoke suit: it’s permanent. There’s no alteration later. And you only get one shot. You can’t hang it up in your closet, never to see the light of day. So, make them do what you want. With tattooing, the customer’s always right.

    Last, but not least, you get what you pay for. If someone charges $200/hour, there’s probably a reason for it. Their work’s likely phenomenal. But, you know, check their portfolio before you sign that bit of real estate on your body away for good.

    • momentumoffailure

      Thanks for the tips, Sean. And you’re right, you definitely get what you pay for. I gotta buddy thank is around $300/hour and is absolutely amazing. I’ve seen his work against those that a dirt cheap… No comparison whatsoever.

  3. Will, you have a prison tat!?!?
    That is pretty hardcore.
    I’m going to keep my canvas clean so I can feign disappointment in my children when they get tattoos/piercings.

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