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Force of Habit: One fast clock can make a world of difference.

I got it from my mom: Growing up, she always ran the clock in the car 5 – 10 minutes fast. I remember the rides to peewee football practices and saying, “Mom, we’re gonna be late. ERRRR!” She’d tell me to relax and that we had plenty of time, but looking at the clock, I knew I was going to be late. “This is 8 minutes fast, Will. We have plenty of time.” But the clock, mom. The clock says we do not. The clock says we have to be there in two minutes, and I know the field is at LEAST 5 away. Are you some sort of magic woman? Rules don’t apply to you? You can get somewhere in two minutes that takes the average human five? Well, I came to find that, in so many ways, that was the case. Keeping the clock fast instilled that sense of urgency in me even when I knew beyond any doubt the clock was fast. I went by the time in front of me. And little has changed…

I keep the clock on my microwave faster than the rest of the times throughout the place. It’s the numbers I stare at in the morning getting ready for work and making my breakfast and lunch for the day. And literally every single day, I rush. I rush because I think I’m going to be late. “It took me ten minutes to brush my teeth? Dammit. Gotta rush.” Pack the bag up, throw on the jacket, exit and deadbolt the door, look at my watch… I still got time. Now I have some time to walk. Meander. Awesome.

So say what you will about playing tricks on your own brain, and I don’t know how it is I am constantly able to fall for this stunt everyday, but I find it beneficial. A bit of panic followed by that sense of “Ahhhhhh, s’all good,” is maybe one of the best feelings in the world. And it’s simple to achieve. So, thanks, Mom, for getting me to all those practices and games on time although I was the brat in the back seat giving you a hard time… Coach liked how I was always on time and even early sometimes.

100 Days of Ties: Day 75 and (maybe) discovering a higher power via pictorial coincidences.

Can you spot the coincidences?

I woke up today a bit flustered and still disheartened by recent events, but you know what? You have to learn to rise above, don’t you? Yes. Yes you do. I took a long, hot shower, brushed off the past and am looking towards the future…namely next week and NYE. Chicago, maybe? Madison, WI? LA? NYC? Baton Rouge? We’ll see. Maybe y’all could help me decide… Anyway, donning the Bonobos / Gitman tie this AM and pairing it with a Crew sweater and Wharf shirt all under the standard Gant Rugger Toggler, I decided instead of hoofing it to the bus, I would drive. Good thing, too, as I was able to, in a small way, think that maybe there is such a athing as fate. I mean, ultimately I live my life by the addage that if you need something to get done, you do it and don’t except the stars to align to do it for you. But this was too odd to ignore.

Check this out: It’s day 75 of the 100 Days project. I’m filling up the ride at pump #7 and what’s that in the background on the gas price marquee? A 2 and a 7…the difference of which makes 5. 75. And will you look at that? How much is gas? $2.75/gal. 75. And what’s my favorite number? Well, it’s 24, so nevermind. Maybe it’s time, though, to start believing aside from God, there’s another power watching out for me in this life…

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100 Days of Ties: Day 74. Winter Solstice and the irony of it all.

There's never enough time - Jessie Spano

I said recently that I need about 10 more hours in each day as projects are piling up, and I am sleeping less to get each one of them accomplished. I brought them on myself as I never know when to say no, so I have no one to blame but myself. It’s not so much blame though as it is the desire to always be moving and working hard. A wise man taught me that. So how ironic that after saying such a sentiment that the shortest day of the year should fall upon us? Mildly ironic, I suppose. While it is indeed the solstice, every day from here on out will get longer and longer. Score.

In no time I’ll be hanging up the Gant Rugger Toggler and wool ties, swapping them for madras blazers and ascots. I still won’t have enough hours in the day to take care of everything, but it is what it is. Another day, another chance to make life better. Continue reading

Necessity is the mother of all invention: Broken zipper? For that price, it ain’t a problem.

As mentioned on today’s 100 Day post, I scored a few choice items this weekend. I copped the Gap sweater I wanted at a discounted price, I made a new friennd of sorts who runs his own company specializing in choice body products (more on this later), agot a good deal of my Christmas shopping done, and, while finding myself in Urban Outfitters (for some reason) I spotted a Brothers Bray tote in the sale section. Off the bat, I was pumped. But the tag reflected no markdown. Then I noticed the pull on the zipper was missing. 0-2, Urban. But still, I thought to bring the bag to the register to see what the price was. While the counter gal didn’t think it was actually on sale, it rang up at the lower price. Was I don? Hell no.

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Advice from the Pretty Girls: Question – At what point does a guy’s style become too much?

So, I wanted to reinstate the advice from the pretty girls segment and I have a question….

Got it from Getty

At what point does a guy’s style become too much? Or when does it look like he’s trying too hard versus dressing appropriately for the occasion?

What tips can you offer for him to adhere to and/or avoid?


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A real man makes his own luck – Billy Zane, Titanic.

Honest, Abe.

A few days back, I came across a penny in the road. A seemingly mundane event led to much deeper thinking as well as me stooping down to shoot a picture of the coin. Normally I would pocket the copper and hold it between two fingers as I sauntered down the street and onto a local bar. I don’t really know why, but this time I decided to move on. I thought to myself, “You know. Things in life are really good right now. It seems selfish to hoard even more good stuff when other cats don’t have it as good as I do.” With that, I left the penny there hoping that another keen walker-by would notice the shine from the street, pick up the $0.01 and have some luck with it if needed.

If you’ve got a good thing going, great. Know, though, not everyone is as well off. Pass the good stuff along when you can. Doesn’t take much other than merely leaving a penny on the ground. Perhaps we start planting them….?

100 Days of Ties: Themes

I have been nothing but honored to see this community grow and get your tie pitcures on the daily, but to keep things interesting, I think we should come up with some themed days and ideas.

Talking to my buddy, Matt, over at Fine and Dandy, I mulled over the following sentiments:
So many cats have come forward saying they appreciate me trying to bring back a little class to places it seems to have been lost. I have a few more ideas on how to reintroduce the gentleman into society: Dressing up for travel, sporting events (why should derby be the only occassion we dress up?) and a variety of other affairs. Dinners, nights on the town, and all the other situations that have gone by the wayside in terms of dressing the part.

That said, I say we reclaim a small piece of the gentleman (and gentlewoman) life by snapping a picture of you in a tie at, say, the airport boarding your next flight.

Get the idea?