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Quality and Quantity: Purge to fill with the Yuketen Country Ranger and more.

Cuffed and ready.

I acquired my first pair of Yuketens this last week by way of the Country Ranger and winning an eBay auction. After first wear of said mocs, I made the assertion that I’d rather have a closet full of 9-10 pairs of ultra-high quality shoes, such as the Yukes, versus the 30-35 pairs of mediocre jams currently cluttering my space. These are the real deal… Continue reading


Made in the USA: Quality family time in Breckenridge, CO and the MSR Evo Tour 22 Snowshoes

My MSR's: All the way to the left.

Any time I get to spend with my family is the best time. I make no secret how close I am with my mother and father and little sister (and yes my two brothers when they are around). So when I get the chance to be with them, I chomp at the bit. That said, this past week (December 30, to be exact), I found myself in Breckenridge, CO to not only hang out with the fam but to also try out the MSR Snowshoes my dad got me for my birthday. Whoa, buddy… Killer.

So for the 6 mile hike we take, I am floating on the snow, all the while telling dad how he needs a pair of these. “And, Dad? They’re made in the USA… Double bonus!” After only minutes in my birthday present, he’s going to buy his own pair. USA! USA! USA!

And for a gratuitous, “This is why I really love my family life,” photo, read on,,,

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Seems Silly Bands are more popular than the Ayrton Senna Watch by Universal Genève

Senna was a god amongst men to some.

I don’t know what the ff it is about silly bands, but dammit if they don’t get the attention of just about every female in this city. Well, at least in Boulder…. There I was having a few Redbreasts with coworkers after a long day, sporting a sharp watch. Do I get a “nice timepiece…”? No. I get, “Oh are those Silly Bands??? OH I LOVE THEM OMGEEEEE.” Oh well. I like them too. Really because my little sister gave them to me and they have a sentimental value, but still, I think they’re neat.

That tangent being carried out, my boss came to me and said, “Dude, I gotta the Senna Watch by Universal Genève. I’ll bring it in.” He did. I shot it. It’s awesome.

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Company Spotlight: Red Wing Shoes. America. #1.

As I have made no secret, Red Wings have been my footwear of choice for the past two days, and hell, even beyond that. I will admit though that I have not worn the Gentleman Travelers (below) as much as I really should be and yesterday was actually maybe the 6th or 7th time this year I have done so. However, with the amount of positive feedback I got yesterday because of the boots, it has prompted me to want to wear them a lot more. Continue reading

Brooks Saddles. Legitimate.


it ain’t my bike, but i know from experience, Brooks saddles are the real deal.

Spotted. Boulder, CO.

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Closer to the dream: An Acura RSX for the wrist.

Even I’m finding it a bit funny that, with my reignited passion for all things automotive, I haven’t been behind the wheel of my Integra in three and a half weeks. Hey, when work gives you a bus pass that is good for all forms of mass trans, one tends to take full advantage of the perks of not having to be in traffic or pay for gas. However, even though the RTD is my lady these days, I do miss the freedom of driving and not being bound to any schedules save for your own. Plus, nothing beats a speed through the windy Glenwood Canyon roads out on west I-70.

With that and even though I drive minimally, I have recently made the decision that I would like for an Acura to be my future auto machine. Always liked the way an Integra looks when done right and outfitted with some true JDM mods. But to take it a step further, and in what I feel is a more “grown up” approach, I have my eyes on the RSX, as I’ve said in recent past. While the pocketbook needs to be built before I undertake the building of my own RSX, the fine folks at Acura decided to do something nice to egg me on. Without prompt, I was offered an RSX watch, which, honestly, I had no idea what that meant. So when I got a cool little watch in the mail with the emblem of the car of my current desire and a personalized note from the PR rep at Acura, a smile was brought to my face. And right after that, on my evening walk, I found a quarter.

Life is all about small victories, my friends. They add up to one awesome existense.

In the midst of summer heat, a Pendleton blanket was still required.

I really like the company I keep. Over the years, i’ve crafted quite the close-knit circle, casting away from those I share few to no interests with. I don’t have buddies who wear Affliction or Ed Hardy. I no longer associate with those who have given themselves nicknames. And the cats who prefer the cliche Vegas-style bachelor party hijinx? Thanks, but no thanks.

On the hike

For the second time in under a year. my cabin in Breckenridge has played host to a bachelor party. The first was a close friend in from CHI. All he wanted was a few good friends, some guitar playing, cold beer, and steaks.  Let it be so. This past weekend, my brother had the same notion. Though we went one step further and checked out the huts of the 10th Mountain Division (pictured below). Beyond boss, man. We grabbed a slew of Bud Light and some Tremens, pre-formed beef patties, and headed into the hills. After all the hiking, cooking, drinking, eating, talking and burning of stuff was done, night had fallen and the 85 degree day quickly turned into a frigid 45 degree eve. Though the bed I chose to crash upon had nothing but a blanket and a top sheet, said blanket happened to be a Pendleton (pictured above), and it kept me warm the entire night. In fact, such a time was had that we’ve deemed it proper to head back in late August. I assume the nights will be even cooler. So we’ll see how a Pendleton blanky holds up then, too.