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Customer appreciation and an affirmation both courtesy of Lands’ End Canvas

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Lemme Geek Out: Simpsons World The Ultimate Episode Guide: Seasons 1-20


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If I said I could recall a day when I didn’t quote a Simpsons episode, you can call me a liar. Ask my brother…. He’s guilty of the same thing…

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100 Days of Ties: Submissions and the Outcome

I started this project on a whim and to reup the style I let go by the wayside. Plus, my ties were collecting dust, and after building my collection, this aggression will not stand. At first, all I planned on doing was to wear a tie for 100 (work) days in a row. While this is not out of the norm for a good number of people, it’s not standard practice around my offices.

What started as a flight of fancy has turned into something more. As the days progress, I would like to see more and more contributions from readers resulting in a community of tie wearings joining forces for good. I welcome any and all ideas as to how to make this monetizable and raise money for a good cause/charity/etc.

Also, it would be cool to end the 100 Days with a party here in Denver or your respectable hometowns, should my out-of-state readers not be able to make a trip to the 5280, where we can all sport our finest and throw a donation or two into a bucket. Just an idea, and as I said, I welcome your suggestions.

Let’s see this grow!

Submit your pictures here.


Submit charity ideas here.

Cheers, all! Hope this is a success.

It’s not try hard, it’s do good: Sporting a pair of Toms shoes

Having just landed a new gig in Boulder, CO has come with more than a few changes in my life, all of which are welcomed with open arms. Life moves a little different up here (Boulder is 30 or so miles northeast of Denver); The air is cleaner, the bicycles ridden more, pedestrians have the right of way everywhere, and the city is among the new breed leading the nation in tech startups. Laid back is how I would describe not only life here, but my new work environment as well. Ditching the wingtips and slacks I once loved so much in favor of jeans and Vans Eras, I recently added my first pair of Toms to the new garb I don on the daily. I figured, Boulder’s a green city, I no longer drive (bus pass FTW), I’ve sold a bunch of my possessions and started riding my bike again, so why not do some more good for the world and snag a some ninja shoes.

After the first day of wearing them, and given my commute to and from my bus in the AM and PM is a good 5 miles each way, I must say that aside from the “do good” feeling I get from the shoes, they are actually quite comfortable. Odd thing is, I wear an 8.5 in every brand of shoe on the market, I wear a 9.5 in Toms. So, if you are thinking about snagging a pair for yourself, size up. And I would be remiss if I didn’t make my go-to Toms joke: So with every pair purchased, they give a pair to a child in need. Does that mean they take that pair away from said child if the initial purchase is returned? Heh…

And now, for no reason other than the fact it is gorgeous, here’s a shot of what I get to see from my seat on the bus before hitting Boulder proper in the morning:

It can be cleaned and fixed. Like stains, bruises, and whatever happened last night.

It’s been a good long while since I grabbed my trusty Timbuk2 messenger and put it to good use. When I got into the corporate world, I had little need for the bag seeing as how the bright color and non-office friendly material deemed it somewhat inappropriate for everyday use. That, and I stopped riding my Pista Concept when my kneecaps felt as though they were about to blow out of my legs. Now, though, as I have positioned myself again atop the cycle and have been making more frequent park trips, the bag has seen more use. But given it hasn’t seen the light of day in the better part of a year, I had to give it a clean. Fortunately, all I needed was a hose and a drying rag of some sort. Bam. Cleaned. Now how it handles…

Stocked with a few flasks, my mitt, a Frisbee, jerky, candy, a six pack of Bud Light, a lacrosse ball, baseball, half-inflated football (I can’t find the needle to pump er up), and my wallet and keys, the big green machine kept my gear, food, and drink sheltered with room to spare. When I initially snagged this particular size Timbuk2, I wondered what in the hell I’d need such a massive bag for. Now I know. It’s for those indecisive “What should I take? Screw it, I will bring everything…” days when you know you’re going to be at the park for a good 7 and a half hours. Best part? I found a lone beer come the end of the day buried in the bottom of the bag…Still cold. Score.

Weekend dress: Rolled jeans, linen button down, Adidas Sambas.

Killer perfect weekend in Denver, as evidenced by a picture snapped. Temperatures in the 60’s made for the perfect outlet mall shopping experience. To commemorate the pleasantness of it all, the jeans got rolled, the linen was adorned (earlier than usual) and I grabbed myself a pair of Sambas. A little chillier today with a little rainfall, but it was nice to at least get a taste of what’s to come. Now for some madras shorts.

Speaking of, I almost grabbed a pair of the 11″ club short in madras, but, alas, I limited myself. Got a few other irons in the fire right now and should probably save. Though with the eBay sales I’ve made as of late, I could justify. Or I could travel. I’m going to travel.

Tuesdays with the Pretty Girls: A Chivalrous Gentleman versus a Pushover

In the ongoing quest to figure out just what the fairer sex is thinking and how they perceive us gents, I’ve decided there’s no better way to understand than by just asking. Flat out. Blunt. No apologies. I want to know this. I want to know that. Why is it I’m 28, my mom says I’m handsome, but alas, eat dinner alone? While that may be a more personal issue, this week’s delve into chivalry versus pushover is among the information we should all know.

Q: Some say chivalry isn’t dead. Personally I believe that, but ladies, from your perspective, what’s the fine line between being a chivalrous gentleman and just being seen as that wimpy pushover who is desperate to make a good impression?

New to the panel this week: