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Give’r. All over again. Fubar 2.

Fuckin, Eh?

At first, when I heard of the Fubar sequel, I of course thought, “Why run a good thing?” It’s akin to my thoughts as to why the Postal Service should just quit music after Give Up. The record was brilliant, as was the first installment of Fubar. Why tarnish the name, ya know? Well, I thought this until I saw the trailer for Fubar 2. It’s a little more over the top than the first, but dammit if it doesn’t look funny as hell.

Aside from Fast 5, this is one of the few movies I am actually looking forward to in the near future. Just give’r. Continue reading


Seeing the world through a video camera: the films of Will Roegge

Will setting up shop at Formula Drift

It was at the Jason’s Deli off Maryland Parkway and Flamingo in Las Vegas that I first had the opportunity to meet filmmaker and all around excellent person, Will Roegge.

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The movie that launched a couple of family names and that will be thoroughly enjoyed some night this week.

A video: The Streets – Dry Your Eyes

The Breakup Season is here, or at least that’s what I’ve come to call the Spring time. And for whatever reason (I think it’s rather obvious), Mike Skinner is able to capture the essence of the simplicity and heartbreak that the lot of us go through post-relationship. For the bouncers-back, the broken-hearted, and the let-go-slowlies…


(Southern) California Dreaming: The Japanese Motors – Single Fins & Safety Pins

It could be the fact that it’s a balmy 8 degrees today in Denver or that I miss the west coast and have a strong desire to get my beach body back together for 2010, but today just felt like the right day to live vicariously through the Japanese Motors. Let’s be dudes, yeah? BEACH PARTY! Where’s Seth and Summer? And why does Ryan want to fight everyone? I was invited, amigo.

Let it snow. With Lost Season 5 coming to DVD, I have no need to leave.

Yesterday was an ideal day for doing nothing but watching TV on DVD in between checking the NFL scores. Though my collection is quite stocked as is, I decided that, before I embark on a day of doing nothing but maybe eating bacon and watching DVDs, I better go to Target to see about acquiring some snacks and maybe even more movies to assure I don’t run out of things to watch. Well, $80 dollars later, I was stocked with chips and pop and wine and 30 Rock Season 3 and It’s Always Sunny Season 4. Now it’s a little more than apropos that Lost Season 5 comes out 12/08, as it keeps with my like of chronology…3, 4, then 5.

I don’t know why this is, but I am a sucker for a limited edition bundle when it comes to TV on DVD. I rarely watch the bonus features or play with the little accompany-ments that oftentimes just end up becoming clutter and, in turn, trash, but I still like the idea of owning it. As I grow, though, I am becoming more aware of want vs. need. Did I need the new TV I just bought? No, not in the “I need it to live” sense. But did I need it and the new blu-ray player to enjoy Lost Season 5 as I never have before? You better believe it. Now I eat success for breakfast, with skim milk. I just hope this coming weekend is as cold and dismal as this last one. I’m not leaving the house.

Veritas et Aequitas: Reenacting Boondock Saints via action figures while awaiting the sequel.

BoonDock Saints Action FigureSequels, much like follow-up albums, walk a very fine line of having the ability to enhance the original installment, or completely ruin the franchise all together. For instance, 28 Days later was great. The sequel, 28 Weeks Later? Eh, not so good. I always think about The Postal Service and them not releasing a second record, save for a few remixes, b-sides, etc. That one album they did was perfect cover to cover. Releasing another attempt could have ruined the band’s reputation. I was afraid of this happening, too, to Vampire Weekend. However, upon hearing their new single, I have put those fears to rest. I can’t say the same for Boondock Saints, however.

I’ve seen the trailer (below) for the what-I-thought-was-a-joke titled, All Saint’s Day, and I’ve gotta say, I have been more stoked for other movies but am willing to give this a chance. At least they got the original brothers, right? Plus, the film reminds me of my own brother, and being the nostalgic type I am, seeing it with him would be in my best interest.