The Daily Resolution: 2011

Today is no longer the worst day of my life but the best, Lumbergh.

It’s 2011, and the cliche uttered the most, or at least what I always hear as the clock ticks to 12:00, “We made it! High five, bro!” I oblige and engage in a few fist pumps as well, but when you think about it, you should be saying, “We made it,” every morning. Every single day is a gift. Every single day is a way to make your life and the lives of those around you better. Every day is an opportunity.

Comment below with how you will make today all you can make it. From something as easy as calling a friend to say hi or curing cancer… A resolution doesn’t have to be some big thing. Keep it simple… Or, aim high.

27 responses to “The Daily Resolution: 2011

  1. momentumoffailure

    01/02/2011 – Today I’m going to call an old friend I have lost touch with.

  2. Today, I am going to start making my own luck.

  3. momentumoffailure

    01/03/2011 – Today I’m going to call my grandparents just to say hello.

  4. Today I’m not going to let anyone steal my peace and joy.

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  7. momentumoffailure

    Today begins my collecting of clothes and other wares to donate to charity.

  8. Today I’m going to take negative momentum and turn it into something positive.

  9. Today I’m going to help others feel less stressed, hopefully with humor. Maybe food.

  10. Today, I’m going to exceed my own expectations.

  11. momentumoffailure

    Today I am going to listen to Vampire Weekend’s “Contra” from start to finish as I cannot hear a single track on that album and not smile.

  12. Today I’m going to redouble my efforts to stop blowing money. As a corollary, I will more actively find me some new clients. 🙂

  13. Today I’m going to make dinner.

  14. Today I am going to say “Hello, good day” and smile at random people in public.

  15. Today I am going to punish Rikishi for what he did to Stone Cold Steve Austin…….

  16. Today I’m going to send 3 handwritten notes to friends. 🙂

  17. Today I am going to go to Yoga.

  18. momentumoffailure

    Today I said good morning to every person I saw on my walk to my bus. Only one out of the twenty or so returned the sentiment. Still felt good.

  19. Today I’m going to get to “Inbox Zero.” Wish me luck.

  20. Today I’m going to be grateful for my friends.

  21. Today I’m going to teach myself how to tie my new tie.

  22. momentumoffailure

    Today I’m not going to sweat the small stuff.

  23. Today I’m going to manage expectations and not beat myself up.

  24. Today I am going to NOT strangle an agency partner to death with my mind. Maybe.

  25. momentumoffailure

    Today I am going to write a new song.

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