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Aly Gator, Anton Glamb, and a final Christmas jam – Christmas in a Rock.

It’s good to hear feedback from my daily musings, whether it be mom saying she likes today’s tie shot, a new reader saying they’re been following awhile and to keep up the good work, the haters saying I should give it a rest and some of my beliefs are bass ackwards, and, most recently, an email from Anton Glamb. I mentioned him last Monday and how I am blasted back to the streets of NYC whenever I hear his music. So when he informed me that he was grateful for the writeup, I was pleased. But when he said he had a new track he wanted me to hear, I was even more stoked. Plus, this picture came attached to the note:

Anton and Aly wishing you a Happy Holiday Season.

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Music Monday: Nostalgia through video. Anton Glamb and my time in NYC

L - R: Anton, Santhya - Photo: Tone / MySpace

I lived in NYC for a bit: Met some amazing people, worked at some cool places, spent a lot of money, ate some of the best food in the world, woke up in the oddest placest with some interesting people, made a good number of friends, most of whom I keep in touch with to this day. But one of my shining moments, or one of the experiences I had that I look back on most fondly was the time I first heard, and subsequently got to interview Anton Glamb. Continue reading