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Ragged Edge Large Sailcloth Bag: Gold / Black & Gold

04031CGSo I’m officially planning a second trip to NYC in 2009. I’ve already got the October-NYC-BikeKill trip set up (or at least on the horizon), but I want to get there this Summer. I like packing a large bag, something in the area of the Ragged Edge Sailcloth ($185), halfway full in anticipation of the shopping spree that inevitably comes along with a trip to the city. Now I just gotta pick a date and check the old bank acct to see what the deal is. Hmm, I also got that wedding coming up…This might prove tricky.

Utility Canvas Design Bag from Auto

15c16lMy boss just got back from DisneyWorld. And he brought with him a slew of souveniers from Pez dispensers to pins and even a shopping bag he picked out especially for me. He knows of my constant/frequent/habitual/obsessive grocery trips. Twas a nice gesture on his part. I like those reusable grocery bags. Though they’re only a buck at most places, Auto’s Canvas Bag ($76) looks a little more durable and can sub as a weekender in the park without looking like you’re carrying a grocery bag.

Pendleton Black Watch Weekender Bag

50905_TBKW_LGI’ve been ranting about the weekend duffel I snagged from the Gap, and I must’ve mentioned it about 9 times over the weekend, too. Listen, when one finds a steal, and then adds a little Yellow Tail to the conversation, I get chatty. But even after I had a mini-H&M spree and found I had plenty of room in the bag, I had to go off on it again. If I found the Pendleton Weekender ($198) for $20, I guarantee you’d never hear the end of it. And I would be unapologetic.

Head Porter Black Beauty Quilting Series: Bag / Wallet / Key Case

What I really need is for some a my friends that have a few bucks to spend to come over to my house, rummage through all my stuff, and make me offers on just about everything I own. I need a purge of my gear in a bad way. I suppose I could hold a garage sale, but I hate the whole planning and follow through of that, especially living downtown. I’d have to do it on the sidewalk, monitor it the whole time, and worry that with every drifter that passes, if something’s gonna get jacked. Though, giving a lot of it away to Goodwill is a charitable thing to do. It’s just when I see awesome bags and stuff like these from Head Porter ($93 – $241), I wanna get rid of everything and start over.

Burton Wheelie Double Deck

Picture 1Everytime I go to Chicago (NEXT WEEK!!!), I bring an extra bag. I also pack very light. I do this because I know I will be shopping loads while I’m there. They have a few shops we here in Denver are denied of. Which sucks. But it gives me a good excuse to travel. Plus, I get to see my out of town friends. I have a bag similar in size to that of the Burton Double Deck ($240) but I hardly use it. I usually check no bags on the way there, bringing a large duffel i my carry-on, and check it on the way home. Easier. More colors? Keep going. Continue reading

Timbuk2 SF Urban Grid Messenger Bag

4_f_sfgrid.nightJeremy and I were just talking about how living and riding bikes in SF would be crazy. Living because it’s more expensive than a pair of Fre Perry / Raf Simon boat shoes (comparatively) and riding because the hills and kids out there are just nuts. In a good way, but yeah. But the kids out there do have the luxury of living at the epicenter almost of the fixed gear culture. So it’s not so uncommon to see a Timbuk2 Messenger ($155) donning the grid of the sick city streets of the urban metropolis.

Fjällräven Kanken Rucksack

kanken_graphiteIn the 100+ posts that I think I’ve probably used the words “summer” and “excited”, I think I’ve properly expressed my adoration of the season. I think I’m mostly looking forward to weekend BBQs and park trips. Packing up a bag of beer and snacks and heading to a friend’s place, then biking it to Wash Park for some frisbee and climbing trees. I’m losing my focus now, but speaking of bags, the Kanken Rucksack ($99) looks like it would hold a sixer and some chips. Plus the sacks look a little Dharma Initiative-esque. More colors if ya keep going. Continue reading