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100 Days of Ties: Day 38: Buffalo Check and Bling

Tie, Sweater, Pants: J. Crew / Peacoat: H&M / Scarf: Pierre Cardin / Rims: 20's....okay they 10's but I keep em clean

Alright so I will admit that isn’t my rig in today’s shot. And as I set up the camera for the self-timed goodness, I didn’t even notice this great white beast with some chromed-out footwear (yeah I am calling rims footwear for now), however after the 10 seconds commenced and I reviewed the shot, I opted to not take a second. I mean, why would I? I nailed the slightly-to-the-left look and captured a car in Boulder that isn’t a Prius….Plus it was around 35 degrees or so, and I was in no mood to stand outside any longer. But because today’s tie is making its debut on the 100 Days and you cannot see it for sh*t here, I took another closeup after getting to my desk and cranking away on the daily duties.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 33: Pants first, then shoes

Shirt, Tie, Belt: J. Crew / Mirror: West Elm / "Brick: Exposed / Rock Band: Wildly Underused

Rign, ring, goes the mothereffin alarm every morning at 4:45 and I hit snooze three times, without fail. Well, to specify, RING RING isn’t what I hear. Neigh. I opt for the rintone alert in the form of “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo,” by a certain rock n’ roll band by the name of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But yes, after the third snooze round ends, I pop outta bed and immediately decide on the day’s outfit. Comb my hair first? No dice. What if there’s a sweater involved? I can’t be brushing my hair then RE-brushing my hair. Besides, picking out the tie and shirt from the hundreds in the closet takes up enough time…Plus, getting comfortable in the clothes before leaving for the day is highly recommended. You don’t wanna get to work and be all, “DAMN! This ensemble don’t work at all! Shirt’s all bunchin up and my belt’s too loose.” No, best to secure the outfit and make sure it works prior to stepping out the door.

Words of advice…

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Can’t someone else do it? Banana Republic answers the All-American question.

Why do the legwork when someone else is offering to do it for you? Isn’t that the American way? Getting something for nothing? Feeling your ass grow while others are putting in extra effort? While I was raised to be the one to do the work, sometimes it is nice when someone extends a hand and helps you out. And as a native of Colorado, I know as well as anyone that you have to be prepared for every type of weather every day of the year.BR Coat GuideAnyone familiar with Rocky Mountain weather knows that it can shift dramatically at the drop of a hat without warning. Our closets are stocked with windbreakers, peacoats, moto jackets, sport coats, trenches and ski jackets year round because, hey, if it’s snowing today, tomorrow will be in the upper 60s. Not even our meteorologists can give us an accurate forecast most of the time. It’s mildly annoying, sure, but no one is complaining about the sun shining in the dead of January. Banana Republic has always had a wide variety of outerwear from which to choose and is now offering their new line for those needing a little assistance understanding when to wear what, with what and how. So while I think proactivity is really the way to go, no matter how hard the work, it’s nice to not have to hunt through an entire site for various selections.

Of accessories, essentials, and wants vs. needs: Dosh Wallets, Banana Republic Black Walnut, and The Private by Nixon

doshMaybe it’s because MensHealth is one of my homepages upon opening FireFox in the morning or i subscribe to Esquire magazine, but I am always reading about what a “man” should always have on him. Some of the items I agree with while others simply fall by the wayside, and I never find myself needing them. However, a good wallet should always be among a proper gent’s essentials. Dosh is a new company I stumbled upon thanks to a Twitter friend. To go one step further than merely having said wallet, at least $20 cash should be stuffed into it at any time. And actually up until recently, I never carried cash. Now, I am glad I do, as it has saved my ass on more than several occasions.

Picture 3On top of this, smelling your best is always a terrific idea. And for me, I am a huge fan of Banana Republic’s scents. Not that I’m a “cologne guy” or anything, because frankly, half the crap on the market stinks like downtown bars and open silk shirts, but I dig the subtle scents BR provides me on the daily. In fact, just yesterday, some guy in my office asked me what cologne I wore because he was going to get his girlfriend to buy him some. That said, I need a new fragrance…can’t be having two people wear the same, ya know?

privateLastly, and I think this comes from many-a-talks with my brother and Ben as well as my recent disappointment with a certain watch I bought, keeping things understated, yet eye-catching on your wrist is a must. For me, I’ve been all over the Nixon Brand as of late and have a love for the Private. It’s simple enough to throw on for any occasion yet big enough for someone to notice and say, “That’s an effing killer watch, bro…” or, “Welcome to Wash Park Tavern. I’ll be your waitress today and…oh wow, I really like your watch…*wink*.”

Good times, good times.

Sail Deck Shoe at Banana Republic

br649923-00vliv01I used to work at Banana Republic. In fact, it help put me through college. That and Quizno’s. And a little financial helps from the Pops. I don’t know, though, if Banana actually “helped” put me through college, as I racked up quite a bit of debt using my employee discount to buy massive quantities of wovens and cufflinks. I went crazy on sale items, too, as they were an additional 50% off for me. Though they didnt carry Deck Shoes ($70) when I worked there, they are on sale now and am thinking I should maybe reapply. Continue reading

A Cut Above: Banana Republic Paired Looks

bananaMy closet is almost exploding. It’s that time of year (heck, make it that time of life) to go through it all and purge. Soon, somewhere, a lonely man peddling for change on the side of the road will be wearing a woven. As much as I would like to get a few bucks for my old wears, the knowledge that someone will be clothed will serve as comfort enough. I gotta make room.