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100 Days of Ties: Day 88 with Jimmy Eat World, Gant Rugger, and those Gitman Brothers.

I need to use a better camera for these shots. Next 100 Days of whatever...

To combat, or at least make use of my insomnia, I have decided that getting in a 3-4 mile run before 6AM is a good idea. Not that it really does anything to help me return to slumber, it’s a good use of time that would otherwise be spent staring at the ceiling. So I’ve been strapping on my new Lunarswifts and hitting the cold pavement and brisk air. I haven’t run in a good long while, so I haven’t listened to those workout mixes I made oh so lopng ago. Dusting off an old iPod, they were still on there and ready to be played. I forgot how stocked with Jimmy Eat World they were/are. I forgot too how much I liked Jimmy Eat World. Instantly transported back a few years, I shadowboxed through most of my run today to Bleed American, or S/T, depending on when you bought it….So, join me in a bit of classic nostalgia, won’t you?

I was stoked, too, for the 20 degree morning versus the 5 degree one yesterday. It was downright TROPICAL out there today!

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Contributor Spotlight: Gitman Brothers for Bonobos

A few days back, I get a little inbox blowup from the fine feathered folk at Bonobos. Now, I am not going to stroke the, well, feathers of Bonobos just because they sent me one of the ties from their upcoming collection and collab with Gitman Brothers. I call them such positive names because the company as a whole had exuded such outstanding customer service and dedicastion to the quality of their product, that I have returned time and time again to their site.

So when their esteemed Mr. Don Richman shot me a message asking if I’d like to see and try out one of the new ties from said collab, I was more than willing to oblige… I mean, if I must. I wore the Gitman / Bonobos mashup a few days back, paired with a Wharf shirt, and must say that the quality, texture, and weight of the thing is ideal. It’s not too heavy, it’s not too seasonal, it’s just… a good tie. The entire collection, all of which are worht a gander and maybe a purchase, will be available soon on the neckwear section of their site. Personally, I am quite happy with the colorway with which I went. Killer. Now if only Bonobos would reissue the Star Spanglers so come next summer people will know JUST how much I love America. No, seriously. I love America. That in NO WAY was meant to sound sarcastic.

It's all in the details...

Cheers, and thanks to Don for the reachout, Chris for the handwritten note (pictured), and Bonobos as a whole.

100 Days of Ties: Day 40: Tartan / Corduroy / Wharf

Jacket, Tie: J. Crew / Shirt: Wharf

Decided to not be at the mercy of the bus today in favor of getting an extra hour of sleep and feeling the freedom yet again of the open road. One good thing about leaving a bit later than usual today was that the world got a chance to heat up a little more than how it feels at 5AM. Donned the Crew corduroy jacket today for the first time this season. I like the fit. PLUS, along with the Rugger toggle, I was sent a Wharf’s “The Two” button down. Top notch fit and feel. Attire aside: as I was walking from the parking garage this AM, I saw a murdered out Tesla pull in (as murdered out as those cars can be). It parked, the driver opened the door, got out, and was dressed head to toe in a black leather race suit complete with full black race helment, visor closed. He walked past me at a fast rate and continued on. Not removing the helmet and carrying nothing…

What an odd way to start my Friday.

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What’s in a name? Is she keeping hers and I want whatever the Bonobos gents are on.

The day has come. It’s been 30 years in the making. The first of my brothers is officially tying the knot tomorrow with his long time girlfriend-turned-fiance-and-soon-to-be-wife. The whole thing has left me a little frazzled, confused, and is now seeing me reevaluating life in general. Throughout the years, it was always assumed I would be the first to march down the aisle dressed to the nines to await my blushing bride being escorted afterwards by her father. Alas, life has a funny way of throwing curveballs at ya, some of which you will swing at and miss, and others that will smash you in the face rendering you dazed, bloodied and black-eyed. Like a meth ad, of sorts.

In this case, the curveball thrown at me was smashed out of the park. Going…going…foul. Damn. But at least I made contact. I am proud as hell of my brother and wish him all the best. And I couldn’t be more pleased to stand beside him at the altar as he says “I do.” And the choice Brooks Brothers khaki suits he picked for the groomsmen? Very svelte. Tonight, though, for the rehearsal and dinner, I enlisted the fine fabric of the Bonobos Corps to keep me looking sharp.

While I have The Corps, as I stated, Bonobos is one of my fave brands on a few different levels. One, they are good at keeping in touch with customers via social media, emails, phone calls, etc. Two, their gear is top notch both in fit and quality of material. Three, their email blast is among one of three I haven’t unsubscribed from because I thoroughly enjoy getting them. Forth and finally, the names of their pants continue to make me happy. The Tummy Aches (pictured), Crocodandies, Palm Seliks, Fernalizers, Blue Steel, Kentucky Fried Khaki, Tiger Sharks, and the pair I am most coveting right now, the Star Spanglers (below). It’s little things like this, naming each and every pair of pants versus saying, “These are the green ones and these are the black ones,” that can make a company stand out over others for me.

Attention to detail, my friends. One of the more important aspects of life…

The proof is in the packaging and fit and colors and Bonobos in general.

NimitzWhen the gents over at Bonobos write you an email saying, “Thanks, Will, for all the nice things you’ve said about us over the course of the recent past. If you like a pair of our khakis, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do about getting a pair to you,” you don’t rest on your laurels. Chomping at the bit, I surfed over to their site, saw the Corps khakis in nimitz blue with red and blue plaid liner and asked about them. Sure enough, sold out. Them Bonobos pants, man. They sure are 15 shades of popular.

Well, finally, after a few weeks of hopeful anticipation and waiting, they were restocked, sent my direction, and immediately rocked all night while watching Lost and going, “WTF?? NO WAY!” The fit, the fabric, the contrast…all perfect.

Bonobos blazers

And with the announcement recently that they were getting into the blazer business, I may have a handle on who will outfit my wedding…whenever that is.