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100 Days of Ties: Day 50: Halfway there with an animal mask and university stripes

Tie, slacks, socks: J. Crew / Sweater, shirt: Lands' End Canvas / Kicks: Sebago / Mask: RAWR!!!!

Wow. 50 days ago I began this quest (more, really, but I’m counting work days here), and thus far, it has been a great ride. What makes it all the better is the submissions, some 250+ so far. In the time that this project has been running, I have met a lot of great people, made some new friends, been contacted by choice companies, and, although we never DID pick a charity or gear this towards humanity, I feel some good has been accomplished. So, thank you everyone. And given it’s casual Friday, kind of, I deemed it necessary to wear an animal mask for some reason. It was $.12. How could I not purchase it?



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100 Days of Ties: Day 44: That Lands’ End Canvas shirt really brings out your eyes

Shirt: Lands' End Canvas / Jacket: Gant Rugger Toggler / Tie: Graham Withers / Parking Lot: Table Mesa & Broadway / Colt: 95 Integra LS

Alright so it’s hard to tell if this shirt is bringing out my eyes in the above shot snapped this morning in a grocery store parking lot before I popped in and bought $10 in energy drinks. Though, the color of the Lands’ End Canvas offering is so vibrant, that even with my eyes being a shade of hazel, I’m sure they’re popping SOMEhow./ I will have to check a mirror out more closely soon. I will say, though, that I hardly ever wear a color as bold as this but have already gotten so many compliments, I may do more so. Now the open computer / Lands’ End Canvas online / a few glasses of wine night I had last evening doesn’t seem as regretful as it was upon popping out of bed this morning. There’s a load off.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 43: Quality vs. Quantity – The big, the small, and the difference.

Epic Pose: Peacoat: Modern Amusement / Tie: the Hill Side / Bag, Sweater: Lands' End Canvas / Self-posing: Busted

One thing I have learned over the course of the past 43 days is the appreciation for the non-mass-produced ties. While I love the mass quantity of J. Crew, Banana Republic, H&M, and others, it wasn’t until I was introduced to a few smaller brands trying to make good in the tie world that I really understood the difference between the mass and the mini Now, when I say, “mini,” I in no way mean to degrade the brand. I simply mean that I can appreciate the difference between a mass produced tie and those of, say, Graham Withers, Pierrepont Hicks, Lumina and, as evidenced in today’s picture, the Hill Side. Before I wore any of these, I just couldn’t understand the pricepoint at which some these brands were selling their ties for. I would wait for even J. Crew to mark their $50 ones down to under $20 to purchase. Now, I guess, you could say I’ve seen the light that is the little guys* and getting what you pay for. Not only are you receiving a carefully crafted product that very few will own, you’re getting the satisfaction of helping a brand make its way in the world of fierce competition and oversaturation.

Carry on, my wayward sons…. Oh, and the reference above to “Pose: Busted,” refers to the fact that I was asked this morning what I was doing, posing on the sidewalk. No shame, kids. Be yourself.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 34: Hail to the bus driver, man

Shirt, jacket, tie: J. Crew / Bus: BX / Row: 4 / Paper: Denver Daily / Crossword: CRUSHED

Anyone familiar with mass trans knows you see all typed riding the busses, trains, lightrails, etc. Though the BX Denver to Boulder and Boulder to Denver bus is usually populated with college kids, business commuters (myself included), and tourists, you still see a crop of those that look as though they slept in the bus station or a surrounding bench the night prior. While I, myself, only see these folks once or twice a day, the bus driver sees them all the time. And you gotta respect the drivers that have to deal with drunk college kids and semi-violent vagrants on the daily yet never lose their head.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 31: Dedicated to the cause and breaking out the Rickenbacker


Bowtie: Rugby / Sweater: Brooks Brothers / Shirt: J. Crew / Guitar: Rickenbacker


Working from home today is no excuse to not still wear a tie. As I sifted through the ties on my rack this morning, it dawned on me I haven’t worn a good bow in some time. I recruited Rugby’s panther tie for fulfill that task. Then it hit me, too, “I haven’t brought out my Rickenbacker in a long while, too.” Out from under the bed and into the spotlight… Rock n’ roll, friends. Welcome to the jungle.

Wait a minute.. Jungle….jungle cats….panthers…panthers on my bow tie… this is all too apropos.

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The quest for white pants started yesterday.

In a completely accidental, “Will, you need yourself a pair of white pants,” talk with my friend, Judd yesterday, I came to the conclusion, after spotting a few pairs at Gap and J.Crew that, yes, I do in fact need some white pants. Not that I will be soon going for the all-white-jeans-all-the-time AWK look, but for my upcoming jaunt to Central America (Guatemala), I am deeming them necessary.

Crew Beach Pant

The J. Crew beach pant already comes highly recommended, but after coming across a less expensive pair at Gap, I failed to follow through with any purchase yesterday. Obviously I wanted to get home to hit the Net for some comparative shopping (in the spoils of what I scored at J.C.) before making a move. What price point do you put on pants you’re only going to wear seasonally? Winter’s in the Rockies are hardly a venue for white beach pants.

Fall into it...

The Brothers Brooks with a bit more professionalism

Love Rugby, but I'm not feeling this model.

Of course, after all these, snagging a pair from a second-hand store for at most a cool $5, cuffing them up myself, and having enough left over for booze for the rest of the trip does sound intriguing as well. Afterall, I doubt the monkeys and lizards and stray dogs are going to notice a label.

A Khaki & Plaid family reunion – A wedding with Brooks Brothers and Lumina.

Lumina - Aquatic Life

The Life Aquatic Tie

While I took it upon myself to find a nice khaki suit for my older brother’s wedding this coming July, the Brooks Brothers one he went with was one I had not considered. The weight of making “the right choice” has been lifted, and we can proceed from here. I have been in touch with the folks at Lumina Clothing regarding neckwear for the event. They sent a Life Aquatic plaid my way which I must admit is quite sharp. I showed it to the sibling elder as well as the other styles. The Something Traditional seems to be the choice, and it will undeniably look damn sharp with the B. Brothers suit (below).

Something Traditional

Brooks Brothers Khaki Suit