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Coming from Greenpoint – Take the E to 53rd. Time for new Brooks Brothers clothes.

brooksbrothersI have fond memories of heading into Manhattan from my Greenpoint abode (crapshack) by first hopping the G, transferring to the E, and getting off at the 53rd Street stop. I would exit the often-stinky subway car, hike up the few flights of stairs, get to street-level, habitually buy a bag of Nuts4Nuts, and window shop the Brooks Brothers on the corner. I think the only time I would actually enter said location was when huge brazen “SALE” signed adorned the window. Scratch that, actually. That’s a lie. I once went in when it was roughly -15 degrees outside one day.

bbBut speaking of the Brothers Brooks, Jeremy showed up to the party donning a bow tie from said retailer. Sharp as it gets. And actually, since my bow tie arrived, I’ve been reevaluating my entire wardrobe/collection. I’ve got close to, perhaps, 200 t-shirts. And I don’t wear maybe more than 5 of them. I am in need of a purge. I smell GIVEAWAY!!!! That or some bums in Denver are going to be sporting some Obey gear soon. Time to class it up with some professional Fall looks. Because I can’t be looking like some slob if I visit Gotham…

Will (@MomentumFailure)

I already have champagne on board game nights. Why not class it up further with Brooks Brothers Oxford and Leather Game Set Box?

brooksbrothersOkay, fair, it is the cheapest champagne money can buy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delectable. In fact, personal tests have yielded results showing Andre having a better taste (and easier morning after) than some of its more-expensive brothers (ahem, Korbel). Have you ever noticed, though, how expensive board games are these days? Ridic. I think Amanda paid like $50 for Apples to Apples. Well, for that game, there’s really no price you can put on it. It’s the best. That and Taboo. Anyway, saving money on the beverages via Andre helps with the budgeting of the board game. So, it’s a give and take.

Brooks Brothers Create Your Shirt

Picture 7Yep, two custom shirt posts right in a row! Right when you think I’m gonna zag, I keep right on zigging. Which sometimes can be a zag. Pretty philosophical, no? Oui. Philosophical people have to speak French. Except, like adding “o” to every word  to make it Spanish, I just add “Le” to the beginning of every word to make it French. Like that new Sonic commercial. I like those guys. Funny. And now completely off topic, did you know you Create Your Own Shirt at Brooks Bros? It’s Le True.