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WANT: L.L. Bean Signature Duck Hunting Coat, or, I should never have opened the catalog.

Got home last night from work and found the Bean Signature catalog on my mail/breakfast/lunch/dinner/storer-of-various-things table and began to thumb through it. What started just a little bit ago, the Signature line has some choice items, a few of which I have the pleasure of owning.

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The Adoration of Sophistication: JCrew/Mackintosh Coat

jcrewcoatIt’s getting to be that time of year…We’ve all been anxiously awaiting the Summer and it is upon us. But now that it’s here, starting to look at what to wear this Fall is eminent. In what I’m sure will feel like no time at all, waterparks willclose, swimsuits will be retired, tank tops will be stuffed into the backs of underwear drawers, and the days will get shorter. But it’s still Summer. Meaning you can plan on what to wear in Autumn and start saving up for it. Say you put $100 a week into savings…in just 8 short weeks, you will have the money for The JCrew / Mackintosh coat. See? No worries.