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Go for the Goal: Today I’m going to…

It’s 2011, and the cliche uttered the most, or at least what I always hear as the clock ticks to 12:00, “We made it! High five, bro!” I oblige and engage in a few fist pumps as well, but when you think about it, you should be saying, “We made it,” every morning. Every single day is a gift. Every single day is a way to make your life and the lives of those around you better. Every day is an opportunity.

That said, and as I have enjoyed so much the contributions to the 100 Days of Ties project, I am embarking on another community project that should and will have no end. Today I’m Going To will focus on a daily goal we can set for ourselves. Whether it’s major like, “Today I’m going to cure cancer,” or simple like, “Today I’m going to say hello to three strangers,” etting a goal for the day gives a sense of purpose and, upon completion, accomplishment.

On the daily, I will be posting my goal. I would love it if you commented with yours and help build this community. Though, if personal, I understand not wanting to share. But to kick it off, on the, January 1, 2011, I will begin…

Today I’m going to start figuring out how to make my life and the lives of others better in the ways I know how.

And you?

100 Days of Ties: Day 37: The Animal Command defeats the whipping winds

Shirt: J. Crew / Tie: Pierrepont Hicks / Jacket: Animal / Morning: Windy

Despite the fact that it was 38 degrees leaving the house for my morning walk to the bus, it felt good to crack open the closet and grab one of my fave purchases from 2009, the Animal Command jacket. You’ll remember, if you’ve been an avid reader, a group of us got together and bought these outstandingly warm and durable pieces of outerwear at an amazing price. My man Omar at Animal really hooked it up. Speaking of, I need to shoot that dude a note. It’s been forever. YOu know how sometimes you just sorta….lose touch or forget to write back? Yeah, totally what happened here. My bad, Omar, if you’re reading….

I will say, though, that the Command is a BEAST and kept me toasty as hell as the wind whipped down the corridor that was 16th street this morning. Did I feel it? On my face, yes. Torso? No dice, wind. Save that crap fro yo momma.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 34: Hail to the bus driver, man

Shirt, jacket, tie: J. Crew / Bus: BX / Row: 4 / Paper: Denver Daily / Crossword: CRUSHED

Anyone familiar with mass trans knows you see all typed riding the busses, trains, lightrails, etc. Though the BX Denver to Boulder and Boulder to Denver bus is usually populated with college kids, business commuters (myself included), and tourists, you still see a crop of those that look as though they slept in the bus station or a surrounding bench the night prior. While I, myself, only see these folks once or twice a day, the bus driver sees them all the time. And you gotta respect the drivers that have to deal with drunk college kids and semi-violent vagrants on the daily yet never lose their head.

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The Great Blog Swap Round 2: Headphones

Picture 1It started innocently enough: My friend, Adam, and I were chatting about the products we have just lying around, going unused, when they could be put to perfectly good use if they happened to be in somebody else’s hands. As The Lure had much success with the Watch Swap we did awhile back, I thought it time to give it another go, this time, featuring headphones. I’ve got a few pairs: Panasonic RP-HTX7s, Skullcandy, and Sennheiser ear buds. Adam’s gotta pair of Bang and Olufson’s (pictured). Interested in trying out something new? Think you have a reasonable trade? Let’s do this. It’s fun.

If you want in on the action, comment below with what you’ve got to trade. Remember, this can be permanent or temporary. That’s between the swapees. We’re just here to connect y’all. That and remember that these products are just the ones Adam and I have. You are welcome to add yours to the list.

Remember, treat the product you get like you’d want the item you sent to be treated. This is a trust-based swap, so don’t be an ass. We’re all friends here.

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A Reason for Rainy Nights: Joel McHale and Chevy Chase in “Community”

I love the sun. I love the outdoors. But the simple comfort that comes when the rain pours down and I get to use the weather as an excuse to stay indoors and watch TV, is second to none.