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Writing the Wrongs: Confessions from a Copic Multiliner

Copic Multiliner SPIt’s good to know people in positions of power, be it #1 of the Stonecutters or, in my case, a good friend readying to one day take over operations at my favorite Denver-based art supply store, Meininger’s. Familiar with my penchant for hand-written correspondence, he’s quick to let me try out supplies, knowing I will put the pens and paper to good use. Though I’ve been a Micron fanatic for some time, last visit to the Boulder location, I came across the refillable Copic Multiliners. I wrote much with it on the flights to and from Nashville that following week, mostly “pros and cons” lists, a few confessions which is cathartic, and “What I’d do if there were no consequences…” scenarios. Problem was, I didn’t realize they needed a refill. Which is fine as a trip to Boulder this weekend sounds ideal.

Meiningers Art Supply - Denver