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When it’s time to party, I will do so accordingly in white jeans.

When I was 21, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Andrew WK for the 4th time and what I now realize is probably the final time. Though it was 8 years ago, I remember every detail about the night, from AWK waiting until precisely 10:45 to come on stage, to his iconic white jeans, and from him riding on my shoulders after he handed me the mic to sing the chorus to “Party Til You Puke” to stage diving shortly after into a less than populated party of the crowd. My bad.  It wasn’t anything a number at $2 PBR tallboys couldn’t cure. Plus, I was 21. I was a young buck, not the creaky old man I am today. The thought of stage diving these days actually makes me cringe a bit.

This does lead me to my next point, though, and this is, with it being Spring, and this weekend, it’s supposed to hit 80 degrees, the ideas of rocking a pair of white jeans has been floating around the old noggin. After a chat with my pal Gabe and hearing good things about the Gap 1969 denim, I’ve decided today is the day to up my ante and pull the trigger on a pair of white jeans. I will most likely catch flack from my older brother when wearing them, but to hell with it. I mean, am I honestly going to do scissor kicks while partying hard and busting my nose open on cinder blocks in BLUE jeans? What kind of existence would that be? Not one I want to be a part of, that’s for damn sure. So, come lunch time today, the Gap shall be graced with my presence, coupon in hand (pictured) and a pair of them whites shall be mine.

The Canadian Tuxedo – How does one avoid it?

Real 'mericans

Found my old denim jacket in storage last night when pulling the bike out to recommission it for the Spring/Summer time. I had every intention of immediately throwing on the jacket (after a wash) but hesitated when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I think I’ll look as cool as Guitar Wolf, The Boss or Danny Zuko (most time they opted for leather, I know, but the point remains), but I end up feeling like Captain O’Hagan from Super Troopers. The question is, how do you do the all denim look and not appear as though you’re the President and CEO of Levi’s Strauss? Is it all in the confidence? Or do I just go all leather and know ain’t no one gonna mess with my Wild Zero style?

Wild Zero

Them zombies ain't got nothin' on me.

Gap Relaunches 1969


Gap is gearing up to relaunch a classic premium denim line, “1969.” Well-tailored jeans are the focal point and they aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg…think under $60. Keep an eye on Gap.com for more news.


Visvim Skagway Lo Denim

visvim-skagway-lo-denim-frontDenim’s as versatile as it gets. Jeans, shirts, jackets, vest, hats, and, in this case, the Visvim Skagway Lo. A simple sneaker that’s gonna last as long as you, perhaps longer given the circumstances. Released today at Undefeated.