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100 Days of Ties: Day 88 with Jimmy Eat World, Gant Rugger, and those Gitman Brothers.

I need to use a better camera for these shots. Next 100 Days of whatever...

To combat, or at least make use of my insomnia, I have decided that getting in a 3-4 mile run before 6AM is a good idea. Not that it really does anything to help me return to slumber, it’s a good use of time that would otherwise be spent staring at the ceiling. So I’ve been strapping on my new Lunarswifts and hitting the cold pavement and brisk air. I haven’t run in a good long while, so I haven’t listened to those workout mixes I made oh so lopng ago. Dusting off an old iPod, they were still on there and ready to be played. I forgot how stocked with Jimmy Eat World they were/are. I forgot too how much I liked Jimmy Eat World. Instantly transported back a few years, I shadowboxed through most of my run today to Bleed American, or S/T, depending on when you bought it….So, join me in a bit of classic nostalgia, won’t you?

I was stoked, too, for the 20 degree morning versus the 5 degree one yesterday. It was downright TROPICAL out there today!

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100 Days of Ties: Day 84, Vampire Weekend, insomnia, Gant Rugger, and Smash Putt.

A mild Denver morning but up for hours.

Few bands can write inane lyrics and still gain my respect, but Vampire Weekend is able to do it so nicely. I mean, look at the lyrics to “Cousins” from Contra:

You found a sweater on the ocean floor.
They’re gonna find it if you didn’t close the door.
You and the smart one sit outside of their sight,
In a house on a street they wouldn’t park on at night.

Alright…Whatever that means. The song kicks ass as does the rest of the album. I thought this while laying in bed unable to sleep this morning with “I Think Ur a Contra” on in the background. Such a jam. It didn’t lull me to sleep, but it relaxed me. Then, of course, I anger the blood with Angry Birds and said, “Screw this, I’m getting up.” Now, my kitchen is spotless.

Now, I just gotta get through the workday and perhaps partake in Smash Putt tonight. It looks pretty intense, and it only runs for a few months. If you’re game to join, let me know. Otherwise, we be dancin.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 83 and the stripes of Saint James and Billy Reid

Saint James Scarf. Billy Reid Tie. Gant Rugger Jacket. Rugby OCBD. Boulder Organic Pizza Patio.

I think one of my favorite parts of the 100 Days of Ties project has been finding places to pose. I look back to, say, Day 3, when I was bashful and would wait to take pictures until alone at my desk. Now it’s all, Whatever, gawkers. You can stare. You know you like what you see. BAM! Not to sound cocky or anything, but what does it really matter if someone notices me posing? The world isn’t going to end.

That aside – the NYC party in February now has an official name, and we’re close to inking the locale. One thing I still want to do is turn this event into something charitable. I am think if we all bring one or two items of clothing to donate for a makeshift clothing drive of sorts, we can do a little good while looking extremely good. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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100 Days of Ties: Day 75 and (maybe) discovering a higher power via pictorial coincidences.

Can you spot the coincidences?

I woke up today a bit flustered and still disheartened by recent events, but you know what? You have to learn to rise above, don’t you? Yes. Yes you do. I took a long, hot shower, brushed off the past and am looking towards the future…namely next week and NYE. Chicago, maybe? Madison, WI? LA? NYC? Baton Rouge? We’ll see. Maybe y’all could help me decide… Anyway, donning the Bonobos / Gitman tie this AM and pairing it with a Crew sweater and Wharf shirt all under the standard Gant Rugger Toggler, I decided instead of hoofing it to the bus, I would drive. Good thing, too, as I was able to, in a small way, think that maybe there is such a athing as fate. I mean, ultimately I live my life by the addage that if you need something to get done, you do it and don’t except the stars to align to do it for you. But this was too odd to ignore.

Check this out: It’s day 75 of the 100 Days project. I’m filling up the ride at pump #7 and what’s that in the background on the gas price marquee? A 2 and a 7…the difference of which makes 5. 75. And will you look at that? How much is gas? $2.75/gal. 75. And what’s my favorite number? Well, it’s 24, so nevermind. Maybe it’s time, though, to start believing aside from God, there’s another power watching out for me in this life…

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100 Days of Ties: Day 74. Winter Solstice and the irony of it all.

There's never enough time - Jessie Spano

I said recently that I need about 10 more hours in each day as projects are piling up, and I am sleeping less to get each one of them accomplished. I brought them on myself as I never know when to say no, so I have no one to blame but myself. It’s not so much blame though as it is the desire to always be moving and working hard. A wise man taught me that. So how ironic that after saying such a sentiment that the shortest day of the year should fall upon us? Mildly ironic, I suppose. While it is indeed the solstice, every day from here on out will get longer and longer. Score.

In no time I’ll be hanging up the Gant Rugger Toggler and wool ties, swapping them for madras blazers and ascots. I still won’t have enough hours in the day to take care of everything, but it is what it is. Another day, another chance to make life better. Continue reading