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If only I hadn’t given away my motorcycle…

Cinco de Mayo was supposed to be a night full of margs, chips and salsa, and fiestas galore. Instead, my body decided, “Hey, let’s just not work anymore and resign Will to the couch after work…” It does that from time to time when it thinks it’s being funny. Another story for another time…What I am getting at is before I put the kibosh on the evening’s plans, I forced myself to head to Cherry Creek Mall to take advantage of the 40% off Gap coupon burning a hole in my khakis. With the sole intent of snagging  a railroad chambray, which I did, I also scored a Gap Moto Leather Jacket.

The camera itself is in focus at least.

I wasn’t going to grab it or the Cropped Trench, but when I saw the reduction on the leather, it was too good not to pass up (see below). Gap’s site isn’t carrying the leather jacket which either means I got the last one, or it’s a past line. The good thing about an item like this though is that it’s timeless. I always hear about leather jackets getting passed down from father to son. My dad was never big into them so I wasn’t afforded the opportunity. Now I have one to give to my son, though. That’s something, right? Right.

Quality markdown, indeed.

Now if I wasn’t incredibly unhappy with the fit of the chambray and if I hadn’t given my motorcycle away so many years ago, the icing could have been applied to the cake.

Stepping up an otherwise lost game & reconsidering falling into the Gap

I am unabashed and actually semi-proud to have worked at Banana Republic when I was 21. (I think it had, in part, to do with the fact that I coined the term “Bananager,” which I called my higher ups.) Seems the clothes back then (7-8 years ago) were better at the Nanner. It could be I didn’t have the “refined” eye I have since developed, but more of their line back in the day caught my attention versus the mediocrity I am seeing from them today. But go down a level, brand-wise, and check out the Gap. For the longest time I steered clear from falling through their doors, but as of late, more and more has me coming in. The latest? The Gap Chambray shirts.Spotted them this past weekend, and though I didn’t feel like trying one on, I may just be going back today to snag one.

Gap ChambrayGap ChambrayGap Chambray

I did walk away with a Marled crewneck for a whopping $8. Get jealous.

The quest for white pants started yesterday.

In a completely accidental, “Will, you need yourself a pair of white pants,” talk with my friend, Judd yesterday, I came to the conclusion, after spotting a few pairs at Gap and J.Crew that, yes, I do in fact need some white pants. Not that I will be soon going for the all-white-jeans-all-the-time AWK look, but for my upcoming jaunt to Central America (Guatemala), I am deeming them necessary.

Crew Beach Pant

The J. Crew beach pant already comes highly recommended, but after coming across a less expensive pair at Gap, I failed to follow through with any purchase yesterday. Obviously I wanted to get home to hit the Net for some comparative shopping (in the spoils of what I scored at J.C.) before making a move. What price point do you put on pants you’re only going to wear seasonally? Winter’s in the Rockies are hardly a venue for white beach pants.

Fall into it...

The Brothers Brooks with a bit more professionalism

Love Rugby, but I'm not feeling this model.

Of course, after all these, snagging a pair from a second-hand store for at most a cool $5, cuffing them up myself, and having enough left over for booze for the rest of the trip does sound intriguing as well. Afterall, I doubt the monkeys and lizards and stray dogs are going to notice a label.

Fall into the Gap: Weekender Duffel and Rugged Messenger Sale Bags

gp638689-00vliv01I was about to walk to Whole Foods for lunch yesterday when I thought to myself, “No. No let’s go stimulate the economy instead. It’s my duty as an American.” So I went through Urban. Nothing. JCrew. Not a thing. Apple Store. Pricey. Johnston & Murphy. What am I doing here? Then I remembered my friend works at the Gap…or at least he says he does. I’ve yet to see him there. Low and behold, and much to my surprise, they were having a damn fine sale on some cool bags. I got back to the office, checked the site, and although they don’t have the bag I got (for $20) online, they did have markdowns on the Weekender Duffel ($180) and Rugged Messenger ($50). Not too shabby. Even for the Gap. More pics after this. Continue reading

Gap Relaunches 1969


Gap is gearing up to relaunch a classic premium denim line, “1969.” Well-tailored jeans are the focal point and they aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg…think under $60. Keep an eye on Gap.com for more news.