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100 Days of Ties: Day 75 and (maybe) discovering a higher power via pictorial coincidences.

Can you spot the coincidences?

I woke up today a bit flustered and still disheartened by recent events, but you know what? You have to learn to rise above, don’t you? Yes. Yes you do. I took a long, hot shower, brushed off the past and am looking towards the future…namely next week and NYE. Chicago, maybe? Madison, WI? LA? NYC? Baton Rouge? We’ll see. Maybe y’all could help me decide… Anyway, donning the Bonobos / Gitman tie this AM and pairing it with a Crew sweater and Wharf shirt all under the standard Gant Rugger Toggler, I decided instead of hoofing it to the bus, I would drive. Good thing, too, as I was able to, in a small way, think that maybe there is such a athing as fate. I mean, ultimately I live my life by the addage that if you need something to get done, you do it and don’t except the stars to align to do it for you. But this was too odd to ignore.

Check this out: It’s day 75 of the 100 Days project. I’m filling up the ride at pump #7 and what’s that in the background on the gas price marquee? A 2 and a 7…the difference of which makes 5. 75. And will you look at that? How much is gas? $2.75/gal. 75. And what’s my favorite number? Well, it’s 24, so nevermind. Maybe it’s time, though, to start believing aside from God, there’s another power watching out for me in this life…

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