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Force of Habit: One fast clock can make a world of difference.

I got it from my mom: Growing up, she always ran the clock in the car 5 – 10 minutes fast. I remember the rides to peewee football practices and saying, “Mom, we’re gonna be late. ERRRR!” She’d tell me to relax and that we had plenty of time, but looking at the clock, I knew I was going to be late. “This is 8 minutes fast, Will. We have plenty of time.” But the clock, mom. The clock says we do not. The clock says we have to be there in two minutes, and I know the field is at LEAST 5 away. Are you some sort of magic woman? Rules don’t apply to you? You can get somewhere in two minutes that takes the average human five? Well, I came to find that, in so many ways, that was the case. Keeping the clock fast instilled that sense of urgency in me even when I knew beyond any doubt the clock was fast. I went by the time in front of me. And little has changed…

I keep the clock on my microwave faster than the rest of the times throughout the place. It’s the numbers I stare at in the morning getting ready for work and making my breakfast and lunch for the day. And literally every single day, I rush. I rush because I think I’m going to be late. “It took me ten minutes to brush my teeth? Dammit. Gotta rush.” Pack the bag up, throw on the jacket, exit and deadbolt the door, look at my watch… I still got time. Now I have some time to walk. Meander. Awesome.

So say what you will about playing tricks on your own brain, and I don’t know how it is I am constantly able to fall for this stunt everyday, but I find it beneficial. A bit of panic followed by that sense of “Ahhhhhh, s’all good,” is maybe one of the best feelings in the world. And it’s simple to achieve. So, thanks, Mom, for getting me to all those practices and games on time although I was the brat in the back seat giving you a hard time… Coach liked how I was always on time and even early sometimes.