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From firefighters to the style-inclined: White’s Boots, handmade for all aspects of life.

I’ll admit, I had no idea White’s Boots existed until a recent trip to Nashville and a chance encounter and chat with Ian at Imogene + Willie. When I saw them on the shelf in the gas station-converted shop/workstation, I inquired as to the price and brand. While the $400+ pricetag, at the time, was out of my range, it’s not that hefty of a purchase when you consider what you’re getting. I did a little research on the company, further than what Ian had told me about them hand making every pair, and also providing firefighters in the Pacific Northwest with boots. Over the course of their pre-Civil War beginnings, the company has moved from Virginia to Idaho and now to Washington state, where they have a 13,000 square foot retail store, which begs the question, “Roadtrip, anyone?” I’d love to get my feet into a pair then get some fresh seafood. Who’s in?


Handmade Chocolate Chess Set

chocolatechessI haven’t had Floorplay in quite some time. Floorplay, you ask? Oh, it’s just a little boardgame night I host at my place usually. Friends come over, play a few games (Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples are the popular choices), and just hang out. It’s nice and low key…especially in this economy, ya know? Board games are expensive though. For instance, Apples to Apples was like $30. A Chocolate Chess Set will set ya know $180. Of course, it’s handmade. And edible. But still. Now for some reason I really wanna play Uno.