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100 Days of Ties: Day 85, J. Crew wool, and natural human reactions.

That chloride is gonna ruin the Bean mocs.

I didn’t mean to laugh. And I didn’t do it so loud that he heard me. But on the icy, icy walk this morning from uptown to downtown to catch the bus, I ended up waling behind a guy who slipped, fell flat on his ass, spilled his recently purchased coffee from 7-11, and generally kicked off the week with a pretty crappy bang. What did I do? I did what anyone who grew up watching America’s Funniest Home Videos would do: I laughed. I quickly covered my mouth because, man, that sucks for him. But my natural reaction was to laugh…and hear Bob Saget narrate the entire thing in some goofy voice. I helped the gent up and said sorry about his coffee and went on my way.

Why do we laugh at things like this? I just needed to see a dad get hit in the jewels by his kid in some facet and then a cat try to jump onto a table and fail miserably, and my morning would have been complete. Well, the day is still young, I suppose…

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WANT: L.L. Bean Signature Duck Hunting Coat, or, I should never have opened the catalog.

Got home last night from work and found the Bean Signature catalog on my mail/breakfast/lunch/dinner/storer-of-various-things table and began to thumb through it. What started just a little bit ago, the Signature line has some choice items, a few of which I have the pleasure of owning.

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Your favorite Autumn accessory: Do tell.

With Labor Day on the horizon and approaching quick, the Summer is reaching its end. Fine with me. Early-mid Autumn is among my favorite times of year. Breaking out the scarves, mittens, sweatshirts, pajama pants, sweaters, knit caps, vests, tweeds, wools, etc, etc.

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Revisited and Tested Properly: L.L. Bean Signature Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe

Granted, this picture is somewhat of an exaggeration, as the snowfall last night didn’t render any vehicles upside-down (abandoned, yes), but the 12″ that landed in the Metro region didn’t help with the commute to work. Slippin’ and slidin’ all over the damn place, who would have thought a ’95 Integra wasn’t the best for snow packed streets? I know a girl willing to sell me a 2009 Impreza Sport Wagon, though it is a bit out of my budget. At any rate, if the treacherous drive this AM wasn’t enough to stress me out, stepping out of my car and into a tiny lake/large puddle in the office parking lot did the trick. I can now attest to the importance of a good boot, and luckily I was wearing the LL Bean Sig Waxed Canvases. Not too sound like a billboard, but sitting all day with wet feet makes Will get a little stabby.

Simple Pleasures: Waterproofing

Pinpoint Oxfords: Just need a new iron.

On a recent J. Crew retail therapy outing, I scored a one of their pinpoint oxfords for the decent price of $30. It hasn’t made its way into my regular rotation right off and not because of the recent 12″ of snow (informer!) but because it came wrapped nicely in the pictured cardboard band. While the presentation was choice, it left some terrifically stubborn wrinkles that I have yet to iron them out. All along I thought I had a perfectly good, fully functioning iron. I went to use it the other day and BLAMMO! it goes haywire and decides, “You know what, Will? Get bent. I’d rather be dead.” While it may just have prejudice against J. Crew (maybe the recent trans-sexual scandal tipped the scales?), but I may have to see how a new iron stacks up against it and a few from LL Bean Sig and Ralph Lauren.

J. Crew Oxford

J. Crew Gingham Oxford

J. Crew Oxford Tie

United Colors of Ralph Lauren Oxfords

LL Bean Signature Striped Oxford

LL Bean Signature Solid Oxford

Winter Passing, or Staying: L.L. Bean Signature Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe vs. Colorado Snow

Yesterday: 65 degrees. Madras shirt. Light khakis. Sperry Camper Mocs. Today: 28 degrees. Utility button down. Heavier khakis. Signature Canvas Bean Boots. The joys of living in the Mile High City. You don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes. It will change. And here I was, waiting for the next rain to put the boots to the test. Snow will do nicely. So far, so warm. Diggit.

LL Bean Signature Canvas Hunting Shoes

Bracing for the storm outside.

L.L. Bean Signature. It’s on.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for today for a good long while now. With March 15th finally upon us, the entire L.L. Bean Signature line is now up for grabs for the lot of us. And, if I can speak candidly, I have yet to find one piece I dislike in the the line. Pocketbook balance be damned. I want those corduroy shorts and handsewn bluchers, stat.

LL Bean Signature

Key look: I'm on a boat

L.L. Bean Signature

Key look: I'm on the hood.

LL Bean Signature

Key look: I'm in the rafters.

Madras Plaid Shirt

Washed Oxford Cloth Shirt

Hunter's Plaid Shirt

Eastport Handsewn Blucher Moc, Leather

Casco Bay Boat Shoe

Marine Supply Sweater

Saltwash Pullover

Featherweight Hunting Jacket

Corduroy Short

Sportsman's Chino Pant

Duck Leather Field Belt

Downeaster Sport Canvas Bag

Downeaster Sport Canvas Bag