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100 Days of Ties: Day 33: Pants first, then shoes

Shirt, Tie, Belt: J. Crew / Mirror: West Elm / "Brick: Exposed / Rock Band: Wildly Underused

Rign, ring, goes the mothereffin alarm every morning at 4:45 and I hit snooze three times, without fail. Well, to specify, RING RING isn’t what I hear. Neigh. I opt for the rintone alert in the form of “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo,” by a certain rock n’ roll band by the name of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But yes, after the third snooze round ends, I pop outta bed and immediately decide on the day’s outfit. Comb my hair first? No dice. What if there’s a sweater involved? I can’t be brushing my hair then RE-brushing my hair. Besides, picking out the tie and shirt from the hundreds in the closet takes up enough time…Plus, getting comfortable in the clothes before leaving for the day is highly recommended. You don’t wanna get to work and be all, “DAMN! This ensemble don’t work at all! Shirt’s all bunchin up and my belt’s too loose.” No, best to secure the outfit and make sure it works prior to stepping out the door.

Words of advice…

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