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100 Days of Ties: Day 78 and a forecast of cold warming the soul.

See my vests (while you can).

I heard about some impending cold coming this-a-way towards the end of the week, but I didn’t want to say too much about it so as not to jinx anything. I know the east is getting hit hard, but we’re not, and to me that is unacceptable in December in Denver. The mountains are experiencing record snowfall, which is nice as I am headed there this weekend for a little snowshoeing with the old man, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. It does make commuting around the metro areas much easier. The busses run faster, I can ride my bike, walking to the bar is easy… Ya know? I’m just gonna shut up now.

Today’s look brought to you by Lands’ End Canvas, Sperry, Levi’s, J. Crew, and Lumina.

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