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100 Days of Ties: Day 83 and the stripes of Saint James and Billy Reid

Saint James Scarf. Billy Reid Tie. Gant Rugger Jacket. Rugby OCBD. Boulder Organic Pizza Patio.

I think one of my favorite parts of the 100 Days of Ties project has been finding places to pose. I look back to, say, Day 3, when I was bashful and would wait to take pictures until alone at my desk. Now it’s all, Whatever, gawkers. You can stare. You know you like what you see. BAM! Not to sound cocky or anything, but what does it really matter if someone notices me posing? The world isn’t going to end.

That aside – the NYC party in February now has an official name, and we’re close to inking the locale. One thing I still want to do is turn this event into something charitable. I am think if we all bring one or two items of clothing to donate for a makeshift clothing drive of sorts, we can do a little good while looking extremely good. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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100 Days of Ties: Day 68: Working with local photographers and the fine folks at Rugby Ralph Lauren

Tie and Oxford - Rugby Ralph Lauren

Some time ago, my friends at Rugby Ralph Lauren reached out expressing their like of the 100 Days project that I started, well, 68 (work) days ago. They sent me their new Newbury tartan tie and a svelte oxford. Sharp steeze if I do say so myself. I highly recommend you check the ties over at Rugby as well as the rest of their gear. As you should know by now after many times repeating the sentiment, I don’t blindly endorse brands/products/etc. I have to be hands on. With Rugby, I have been, owning a number of items from their past collections.

Thanks again to the fine feathered folks at Rugby as well as Danny and Nina, the magiciians behind the lens at From The Hip Photo. Read the rest of how this all went down on the Rugby blog.



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100 Days of Ties: Day 53: Billy Reid, foosball, and reshaping sweaters

Tie: Billy Reid / Sweater, Shirt: J. Crew / Foosball: I even lose to myself.

I hate foosball. Well, fair, I don’t HATE foosball, as I don’t really hate anything (aside from black jellybeans and traffic), but if I am out at a bar and they have a table and was asked to play, I would most likely decline. I just suck at it. I will make no secret of this. I figure though that at this point in my life, if this “sport” is one of the things I am not necessarily sweet at, I’m okay with that given my other talents.
To get back on topic though: as much as I have been down on J. Crew as of late, I need to draw attention to my sweater today. It’s been my favorite for years now with no good reason other than it was a gift from my mom and the fit is prime. It’s got its imperfections now sure and I was bummed when the elasticity wore out in the waist, but I gave it a wash, reshaped it, and it’s now good as the first time I wore it…aside from the holes.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 41: Where the Lands’ End.

The morning gets darker and darker: Shirt, bag: Lands' End Canvas / Tie: J. Crew / Jacket: Gant Rugger / Denim, belt: Levis / Shoes: Sebago / Umbrella: Brooks Brothers

I had a truly nautical morning in the great land-locked state of Colorado. I woke a few minutes before “Hate to Say I Told You So,” by The Hives started playing, indicating the alarm on my phone going off. I pulled myself from the warm sheets and was met with the crisp morning air wafting in from my open bedroom window. Maybe it was the massive nights and perfect days of the past weekend that put me in such a good mood early today, but I was raring to go well before 5:30AM. I went through my normal routine (hair/teeth/body/etc), threw on a new Lands’ End Canvas shirt, some nice denim, tie, a pair of Sebagos I found while searching for a pair of boots for my costume this weekend, and the Gant Rugger Toggle, perhaps one of my new favorite pieces, grabbed my umbrella and hit the street for the walk to the bus. The November air was fresh as I walked through the rain failing miserably at not humming the G n’ R hit by the same atmospheric event name.

Feeling quite the Paddington Bear, I picked up the pace of my walk although I didn’t much want the journey to end. The smell of the Autumn air combined with the sounds of the cars passing by on wet asphalt… I admit that on my trek, I skipped a few times. Takes a big man to admit to skipping, unless you’ve seen me go down stairs. Inside joke….

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100 Days of Ties: Day 36: Astute and ready for the week

Shirt, cardigan, tie: J. Crew / Glasses: Paul Frank / Picture quality: Terrible

In my morning rush today, not only did I end up missing my bus, but I totally forgot my camera too as I got all my gear together for the week. Thought I threw everything into my bag last night to save some time this morning but wouldn’t you know it, left the camera on the charger….at least, I hope that’s where it is. I’m sure it is. Otherwise, Imunnabe pissed. However, since I am 100% commited to this lil project of mine and because I liked how I looked today (especially after some very nice words from a very spoecial few people yesterday), I fired up the ol’ Photo Booth application and snapped a desk shot. The one thing I learned from this picture? Don’t use Photo Booth on this Mac ever again for anything. Or, just get a new computer. Or use your cell. Or don’t forget your effing camera.

All good things.

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Pinpoint Oxfords: Just need a new iron.

On a recent J. Crew retail therapy outing, I scored a one of their pinpoint oxfords for the decent price of $30. It hasn’t made its way into my regular rotation right off and not because of the recent 12″ of snow (informer!) but because it came wrapped nicely in the pictured cardboard band. While the presentation was choice, it left some terrifically stubborn wrinkles that I have yet to iron them out. All along I thought I had a perfectly good, fully functioning iron. I went to use it the other day and BLAMMO! it goes haywire and decides, “You know what, Will? Get bent. I’d rather be dead.” While it may just have prejudice against J. Crew (maybe the recent trans-sexual scandal tipped the scales?), but I may have to see how a new iron stacks up against it and a few from LL Bean Sig and Ralph Lauren.

J. Crew Oxford

J. Crew Gingham Oxford

J. Crew Oxford Tie

United Colors of Ralph Lauren Oxfords

LL Bean Signature Striped Oxford

LL Bean Signature Solid Oxford

Never too early for madras. Or is it?

Got a little reminder yesterday that, although we’re hitting 25 degrees with snow here in Denver, the light at the end of the tunnel that is Spring is rapidly approaching. I remember last Summer dreading having to look at heavy outerwear, wool socks, boots, gloves, etc. “Dreading” perhaps isn’t the right word as I enjoy shopping for clothes for the incoming seasons regardless of warmth. But ever since I snagged a J. Crew Madras shirt a few weeks back, I have been anticipating wearing it more than I would have ever thought. I decided today, no more! No more waiting. I don’t care that there’s snow on the ground and I had to dig my little Acura out this morning. I paired that madras under a black crewneck sweater and, if I do say so myself, it’s a quality look no matter the season. While the print is reserved, in my eyes, more for the Spring/Summer months, I am getting with my look today with confidence. I will wait, though, on sporting the madras pants (i.e. the RL Cambridge) until under-the-sun park days. That’s just good practice. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t enamored with a few select items from the new Ralph Lauren line (I’m on the fence about the shoes). Add a little color to your life this year, won’t you?