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100 Days of Ties: Day 87, continuing with the bow ties, Jimmy Buffett and dreaming of boat drinks.

Astute at the desk reading Jimmy Buffett lyrics.

I don’t really care how hokey people think Jimmy Buffett is. I have always liked his catchy feel-good tunes. Hell, I’ve even had a cheeseburger in paradise… Or so, up until just recently, I thought I had. From Wiki: According to Buffett’s Margaritaville web site, the myth of the “cheeseburger in paradise” was inspired by a boat journey Buffett once took in the Caribbean. Buffett states that while subsisting on canned food and peanut butter, he envisioned eating a “piping hot cheeseburger”. He reports that upon finally arriving in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, he was surprised to find a restaurant serving American cheeseburgers.

Feel Good Mustached Man

All the while I thought the one I had in Cabbage Key was the famous meat. Regardless, the burger I had was that good. Heaven on Earth with an onion slice good. I liked mine with french fried potatos and a big kosher pickle. However, I was only 13 so no cold draft beer. Only Coke. Which worked fine as well. …Now back to dreaming of warm beaches, bikini girls, boat drinks and writing island-inspired jams… while it’s 7 degrees outside my window.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 68: Working with local photographers and the fine folks at Rugby Ralph Lauren

Tie and Oxford - Rugby Ralph Lauren

Some time ago, my friends at Rugby Ralph Lauren reached out expressing their like of the 100 Days project that I started, well, 68 (work) days ago. They sent me their new Newbury tartan tie and a svelte oxford. Sharp steeze if I do say so myself. I highly recommend you check the ties over at Rugby as well as the rest of their gear. As you should know by now after many times repeating the sentiment, I don’t blindly endorse brands/products/etc. I have to be hands on. With Rugby, I have been, owning a number of items from their past collections.

Thanks again to the fine feathered folks at Rugby as well as Danny and Nina, the magiciians behind the lens at From The Hip Photo. Read the rest of how this all went down on the Rugby blog.



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100 Days of Ties: Day 42: J. Crew on J. Crew and a healthy dose of crosswords

Shirt, Tie: J. Crew / Denim, Belt: Levi's / Shoes: Sebago / Bag: Lands' End Canvas / Jacket: Gant Rugger Toggler / Crosswords: Completed and recycled

It was freezing this morning, despite the fact that Melody Mendez told me that by this afternoon, Colorado would be experiencing unseasonable warmth. The walk left me with a running nose, useless and frozen fingers, and blue ankles, not an ideal morning to roll the pants. Though, come 4pm when the weather is supposed to be in the high 60’s, I’ll feel better about the wardrobe “malfunction.” Though I was trekking along at a speedier pace than usual to get my ass out of the cold, I still stopped at my go-to Denver Daily News paper stand and gabbed today’s isse to read up on local going-ons and crush the crossword puzzle before even boarding the bus. Even with the frigid hands, I aced the puzzle before the 6:38 departure time. But I have noticed something strange over the past couple of days and throughout the 5-10 puzzles I play a day: there has been an unusually high volume of “Ono,” Afro,” “Plebe,” “Itsallgood,” and “Dyed,” answers… Seasonal? Afro?

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100 Days of Ties: Day 33: Pants first, then shoes

Shirt, Tie, Belt: J. Crew / Mirror: West Elm / "Brick: Exposed / Rock Band: Wildly Underused

Rign, ring, goes the mothereffin alarm every morning at 4:45 and I hit snooze three times, without fail. Well, to specify, RING RING isn’t what I hear. Neigh. I opt for the rintone alert in the form of “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo,” by a certain rock n’ roll band by the name of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But yes, after the third snooze round ends, I pop outta bed and immediately decide on the day’s outfit. Comb my hair first? No dice. What if there’s a sweater involved? I can’t be brushing my hair then RE-brushing my hair. Besides, picking out the tie and shirt from the hundreds in the closet takes up enough time…Plus, getting comfortable in the clothes before leaving for the day is highly recommended. You don’t wanna get to work and be all, “DAMN! This ensemble don’t work at all! Shirt’s all bunchin up and my belt’s too loose.” No, best to secure the outfit and make sure it works prior to stepping out the door.

Words of advice…

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100 Days of Ties: Day 32: Ties to Nature

Jacket, Shirt, Sweater, Moneyclip I though I Lost The Weekend: J. Crew / Tie: Billy Reid / Bag: Johnston and Murphy / Landscape: Boulder, CO

I don’t know what I like more, coming up with the puns for the title of each of these 100 Days, or posing in various places around Boulder (well, really in the business park between the bus stop and my office). Sometimes, sure, I’ll wait to get TO the office to set the old self-timer, but I like when I get to snap a shot or two outdoors. I feel it better highlights the point of this project. See, the scenic landscape of Boulder gives off the laid-back air. I mean, look at them hills right thurr in that background. Gorgeous. Makes me want to take a hike on my lunch break…and many people do just that. While I definitely like the outdoors and am no stranger to taking full advantage of what they have to offer, when it’s time to work, it’s time to work. And look sharp doing so. Okay and I’m not saying the laid-back look isn’t sharp (for some), I’m merely saying it’s not for me when I’m on the clock.

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Sucker for the Holidays. Sucker for Email subscriptions to Bonobos and Rugby.

I’ve said earlier how hard it is to shop for my friends and family as we pretty much just buy whatever it is we want making is increasingly difficult to surprise anyone. That said, any assistance during the holidays in pinning down the perfect gift for each individual is much appreciated. That’s why when the phone chimed today notifying me of new items in the inbox for my respective email accounts from Bonobos and Rugby, I was more than pleased. Two of my favorite companies (right now) coming through in the clutch to assist with my holiday shopping? Score. Do I know anyone that would wear goods from these outfitters? Sort of. Is it the thought that counts even when that thought comes via someone else? Sure, why not?

I know more than a few kids that would like a nice bow tie from the Polo offshoot, and who couldn’t do with a nice pair of cords, am I right? Right as rain. And even though I did just drop $600 on a new TV, I think I can find room in my heart and on my credit card to properly outfit at least a few of those close to me. Luke, in his direct sort of way, already told me exactly what he wants, and it happens to not be from either of these shops. Still, that directness really makes things a great deal easier as it’s one less thing in life to fret over. My little brother, too, already told me. Now, would Mom appreciate a University Rugby or should I stick with the subscription to 5280 and a wine & cheese of the month club I had originally intended? Decisions, decisions.

All eyes on the Emcee of the White Elephant Party and Rugby’s Favorites.

Rugby Party FavoritesEach year, my parents host a white elephant party and each year I somehow manage to take the spotlight as the emcee for the evening, calling out names, monitoring the trades, drinking wine, the whole sha-bang. I enjoy this duty on a number of levels as I dig being the center of attention and it saves me the headache of having to participate myself and wondering if I will end up with the “best” gift or not. Last year, I believe the choice present was some sort of talking alarm clock. The year before that was either a punching nun puppet or a set of Denver Broncos figurines, I forget. At any rate, holiday parties are perhaps my favorite part of the whole Yuletide scramble.

Polo RugbyThis year I am more excited though to play emcee what with the wardrobe overhaul. Frequenting the pages of Rugby.com and scoring deals at J. Crew in the mall has yielded some highly massive and quite good looking results. Today, for instance, I walked out of the Crew with a Chambray button up and knit tie for $35. Deal, Howie! And now with the unveiling of Rugby’s Party Favorites, who knows what’s in store for the pocketbook, or wallet, in my case. I already promised to bow tie it to the company party I planned this year, so we’ll see if I man up enough to go, too, with suspenders. Life is all about throwing curveballs. And I got a wicked one.