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Quality and Quantity: Purge to fill with the Yuketen Country Ranger and more.

Cuffed and ready.

I acquired my first pair of Yuketens this last week by way of the Country Ranger and winning an eBay auction. After first wear of said mocs, I made the assertion that I’d rather have a closet full of 9-10 pairs of ultra-high quality shoes, such as the Yukes, versus the 30-35 pairs of mediocre jams currently cluttering my space. These are the real deal… Continue reading


Company Spotlight: Red Wing Shoes. America. #1.

As I have made no secret, Red Wings have been my footwear of choice for the past two days, and hell, even beyond that. I will admit though that I have not worn the Gentleman Travelers (below) as much as I really should be and yesterday was actually maybe the 6th or 7th time this year I have done so. However, with the amount of positive feedback I got yesterday because of the boots, it has prompted me to want to wear them a lot more. Continue reading

Vans for the Fall. Plaid and Off the Wall.

…I know that rhymed, and I don’t mind. Spotted these Vans Era Off the Walls in  plaid over the long weekend and immediately purchased them for the winning price of $50. There was a white/plaid colorway too, Haven’t seen these online anywhere, but if you want to hunt around the Vans Store, maybe you will have better luck.

Again, the economy: Sambas and Nike Zooms on the sale rack.

There’s a little shop here in Boulder that my older brother and I used to frequent called Installation. However, ever since we both lost interest in the whole “street wear” style (for obvious reasons), I hadn’t set foot in there in a good long while. Color me crazy, but I just have no use for metallic/neon/gaudy kicks. Let alone, I don’t call my shoes “kicks.” Yesterday, though, I decided to see what “the kids” were into these days and popped my head into the shop.

The racks were stocked with the typical shoes I wouldn’t myself be caught dead in, but among the marked-down, I found a few gems. Had they not both been 50% off the original price, I would have easily passed. But when you find a pair of Sambas for $20 and a set of Zooms for $35, it’s hard not to justify the purchase. And, like I say, especially in this economy. Of course, if I were truly concerned about the economy, I would have refrained from the purchase altogether. But you know what? You only live once. And I want…things. So I will have…things.

Weekend dress: Rolled jeans, linen button down, Adidas Sambas.

Killer perfect weekend in Denver, as evidenced by a picture snapped. Temperatures in the 60’s made for the perfect outlet mall shopping experience. To commemorate the pleasantness of it all, the jeans got rolled, the linen was adorned (earlier than usual) and I grabbed myself a pair of Sambas. A little chillier today with a little rainfall, but it was nice to at least get a taste of what’s to come. Now for some madras shorts.

Speaking of, I almost grabbed a pair of the 11″ club short in madras, but, alas, I limited myself. Got a few other irons in the fire right now and should probably save. Though with the eBay sales I’ve made as of late, I could justify. Or I could travel. I’m going to travel.

Spring cleaning. Tried and blue: Gingham Vans Authentic

A day or two ago, Lawrence at SartInc posed a question regarding the classic blue colorways we’ve come to know and love on our pairs of Vans. While the simple classic colors are sharp, I was fortunate enough to pick up a pair of Authentics in a blue gingham and proceeded to wear the hell out of them. Being a fixie kid in them days, my many pairs of Vans went through hell as the waffle soul was the perfect grip for the pedals. Having hung up my fixed-gear ways, it’s time to give this pair a good clean and reintroduce them to the wardrobe this Spring. Or I could throw down $42 for a new pair or design a custom pair for a cool $60. We all need a pair of Vans, no?

Spring kicks: Seavees asks for attention.

You have to love the simplicity of Seavees. There’s no real glitz or glamor (aside from that pair of Bleeding Madras) which is exactly what a shoe should be. Puns aside, I am kicking myself for not snagging a pair of the Pantones last time they appeared on Gilt. That was some time ago, though, when I wasn’t thinking Spring footwear. Although the price point is a bit higher than I’d like to see it, the Boating Moc caught my attention in a big way. The older brother is partial to the Campside, and I can’t say I blame him. Tried and true, my Sperrys are holding up just fine still, but there’s nothing wrong with checking out other varieties, right? Those madras are looking mighty fine, too.